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Pete Discusses His Vision About Winning

Pete was chatting to Dickie this evening and re-visited a subject that he'd briefly mentioned to the gay waiter earlier in the series, his BB vision.

Discussing a vision he had where a late friend apparently told him to come on Big Brother and he would win, Pete was worried that it may not come true.

"Basically, I had a thing when my friend came down from heaven and he told me that I'd win. I'm scared that if I don't win, then my belief in heaven will be...", said the Tourette Syndrome sufferer, tailing off.

Pete went-on to say that he is looking forward to being back with his friend again and was worried that if the dream doesn't come true, he must be going mad. Also, he would stop believing in heaven, a huge deal for him.

Richard allayed his fears, saying that if he doesn't win it won't necessarily affect whether he gets to heaven himself, before mentioning the prize money.

However, the 24-year-old claimed that wasn't interested in the money and re-iterated that he came on Big Brother because he was told-to by the spirit of his dead pal.

To be honest, cynical fans will see this as a blatant attempt to gain sympathy/ votes right at the end of the series; but if he wanted to do that, surely he would have involved the whole group rather than just had a quiet chat with someone he trusts?

Arguably, he could also have turned-on the tears for maximum impact?

Others will say that Pete, who comes across as a sensitive guy, is merely in touch with his spiritual side and is just following his own destiny, genuinely worried that not winning the show will shatter his hopes and beliefs.

Either way, he does seem to be reading into some heavy stuff and admittedly, it was a rather inappropriate time to bring it up.

Then again, surely a seasoned game-player – something that Pete has been accused of being – would be aware that fans will realise they're being manipulated and so it would have a negative effect?

After all, BB1 Winner Craig Phillips' gesture to give his prize money away might have worked six years ago, but BB fans have become more cynical since then, and as big BB fan, Pete would probably know that.

We admit that we wavered for a split-second after hearing his spiel, but given that he's mentioned it before and judging by the pained look on his face as he discussed it with Rich, we're giving Pete the benefit of the doubt.

It's probably only the aggressive pro-Aisleyne support from fans over the past few days that put any doubt there in the first place frankly. Before now, we've had no reason to believe that Pete is playing a game.

If you really analyse it, it does mean that the musician is very keen to win, but frankly, who goes on Big Brother and doesn't want to win it? Exactly, no-one.

It's not exactly Butlins, after all!

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