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You Are Now Voting For A WINNER!

Grace, Lea and Mikey were sent home last night, Imogen got evicted and Nikki made it (back) into the main BB House. That leaves us with six contestants going into the final week of the series, and you are now voting for a Winner.

Of the six, three have 'served' the full 12 weeks so far; that's Glyn, Pete and Richard, with the latter having survived eviction a whopping six times.

Ash arrived in the second week of the game (Day 12), got evicted to the Secret House four weeks later (Week 6/ Day 44), but was back within a week, the same day that Jonathan got (some would say cruelly) sent home on Day 49. So, she's done a good 10-week stint so far.

Jennie was also a late arriver, going into the Secret House on Day 44 in Week 6, but moving to the main BB House the day before Ash finally returned (Day 48). So, Jennie has been around for about 6 weeks.

Nikki was doing okay until the public had finally had enough in Week 8 and evicted her on Day 58. However, she returned to the House Next Door a month later (Week 12/ Day 83) and was finally voted back into the game on Day 86, last night. So, Nikki has spent a total of around 9 weeks in the game so far.

To clarify, all six housemates are eligible to win the £100,000 prize money, but will you choose a Winner that has been genuinely nice and avoided all the bitching and backstabbing, almost to the point of being deemed a fence-sitter? (Pete).

Or, will you go for the guy who's done his fair share of bitching, but has also been amusing with it and has arguably shown many positive traits to offset his behaviour? (Rich).

Perhaps you'll decide that the person who's undoubtedly been an animated character, but to the point of being annoying at times, deserves to win? (Nikki).

And what about the one who's supposedly been on some kind of 'journey' during his time in the House, but is arguably just as lame now as when he first arrived? (Glyn).

Then again, perhaps you'll give the cash to the girl who's been involved in most things during her time in the House, but has only really had one stand-out event that she's memorable for? (Ash).

Or, maybe you'll think 'sod it' and just give it to the most normal one in there, even though she's served the least amount of time? (Jen).

Whatever, you should really consider whether they've done enough during their stay to earn £100k. In other words, have they been 'value for money?' Or, perhaps consider which person you've been talking about most with your friends, family or colleagues over the past twelve weeks?

Analysing our own BB Discussion Forum, the ratio of chat about the remaining six housemates (not taking into account all the others) has been something like: Pete - 22%, Nikki - 22%, Richard - 20%, Glyn - 17%, Aisleyne - 13% and Jennie - 6%.

However, it doesn’t always follow that just because you've been talking about someone they should win the show. Indeed, the housemates that came 1st and 2nd last year were third and fourth down the list relating to all the discussion about them.

That said, it doesn't bode well for poor old Jennie!

Anyway, who wins the dosh and who goes home with nothing? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night's Finale. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within Week 13 of our Latest News section.

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