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Housemates Won't Be Told The Returnee Can Win

You'd be forgiven for being slightly confused over all the recent twists, as even we've struggled to keep-up with all the goings-on lately!

Over the past week alone, two people have been kicked-out (Mikey and Suzie), then four ex-housemates arrived next door (Grace, Lea, Mikey and Nikki), then the two nominees (Imogen and Richard) got sent permanently next door, and finally, one ex-housemate (Grace) came to stay in the main House for a while.

Blimey! That's a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, but just to clarify, here's what we think will happen next...

After tonight's eviction - which will probably take place during the first live show - either Imogen or Richard will come back from the house next door, to face the news that they must help choose the returnee they'd like to spend their last week with.

So, five of the longer-standing members of the group will vote to move either Grace, Lea, Mikey or Nikki into the main House. Well, it would have been five if Glyn hadn't climbed onto the roof, so in light of his punishment it will be Ash, Jennie, Pete and (probably) Rich deciding.

Big Brother is keeping things close to its metaphorical chest as-to precisely how the four will decide, but they will not be told in advance that the last person to (re)enter the main BB House is eligible to scoop the £100k prize money.

This is a last minute change of plan. Big Bro, you (annoyingly) sly and unpredictable old devil!

So, they don't need to vote tactically and choose someone like Mikey who doesn't really stand a chance of winning. Unless they suspect that the returnee can win, of course.

If the group are given one minute to discuss it, we would expect the game-savvy Richard to mention that Nikki is a strong contender to win.

Then again, if he does that he'll risk alienating his best pal Pete. But if they allow Nikki to come back, Pete's chances of winning could suffer.

Hmmm... what price love? Perhaps the woman that Rich named 'Dolly' would be a good compromise choice?

One thing's for sure, this latest round of twists has certainly pepped the series up, and despite all the controversy, has proved a big hit with the fans in terms of creating extra excitement and bringing some unpredictability to the proceedings.

Don't forget to tune-in tonight, Friday the 11th of August, to the two live shows on Channel 4, the first one being at 8.30pm and the second at 10pm.

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