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Grace And Aisleyne Face-to-Face: No Showdown

Approaching midnight tonight, Grace was saying to her peers that she only had a few minutes left of being 20 years old, when bang on the witching hour, Big Bro called her to the Diary Room.

Grace was hesitant at first, fearing that she might be evicted, but just in case she was being sent next door, Nikki gave her a photo to give to Petey. "Babe, I'll be back. I'm not going next door," said the dance teacher as she closed the door behind her.

Hmmm... don't be so sure Gracie!

The plasma screen then sprang into life in the smallest house and Big Bro wished Grace a Happy Birthday. "As you are 21 today, you've been given the key to the door... the key to the door of the Big Brother House," announced the omnipresent one.

Allaying her concern, Big Bro then told her that the key would expire after 21 minutes, one for each year of her life. In response, her fellow house-next-door mates all jumped in the air and screamed.

When Grace entered the main House, Glyn ran straight over and accidentally headbutted her, giving himself a small nosebleed in the process. Doh! The ecstatic teenager picked her up and held her tight, before walking around the place holding her like she was his little niece or nephew.

Grace soon told Glyn that he was doing well – which surely breaks the Rules – while Ash just stood there with an 'Oh my God' look on her face, laughing to herself as Grace walked away.

"I don't know whether to ruin her birthday and ask her why she did what she did to Suzie?" said the 27-year-old to Jen, subsequently dubbing Grace a bully.

Meanwhile, an excited Glyn and Grace went to find Pete, and then skipped around the bedroom floor until they were literally breathless. "Keep doing what your doing, because your fabulous," said Grace to Glyn, again arguably passing-on information from the outside world.

A little later, Aisleyne wore a face like thunder as she confronted Grace over the Watergate incident, where she was called a moose and Suzie got dowsed with water, saying, "Well, I hope you've apologised to Suzie?"

"No, I didn't. There's some secrets that have come out about Suzie," replied Grace, referring to the fact that Suzie has allegedly been a stripper in the past. Basically, it was a fob-off. Grace then reminded Ash that it was her Birthday and Aisleyne walked away, having accused her of being ignorant.

It didn't help Grace's case that she seemingly snubbed Jennie when she arrived, prompting the offended sales girl to exclaim, "How rude? I can't believe I just got blanked on TV".

Ash stood on the sidelines seething, and you could tell that she was thinking about soaking the Birthday girl just as she'd promised-to. Instead, the angry promo girl managed to keep her composure as she paced up-and-down the bedroom, thinking to herself.

Grace and Glyn spent the rest of the time in the garden, the former giving him yet more support-slash-feedback by saying, "You've only got a week-and-a-bit left. Just keep being yourself".

So, there was no big 'showdown' as anticipated, even tough Grace promised to upset a few applecarts before she went in and had recently told Big Brother that she would 'put Aisleyne in her place' if they met again.

When her 21 minutes were up, Grace returned to the house next door and made-out that she'd held the upper hand. However, it was Ash who came away having gained the most respect...

...although her popularity would have gone through the roof had she actually gone ahead and 'dashed' the equine-featured one!

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