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Eleventh Nominations In Detail: Aisleyne

By the time of the eleventh and final round of nominations on Day 82, there were just six contestants left in the game and the nominations procedure was a normal one.

The first person to give their nominations was Aisleyne, however she struggled to get her head around having to nominate so late in the game. "Big Brother, your gonna' have to bear with me here. I'm really, really sorry, but I can't do it," said the 27-year-old, spending an absolute age in the Diary Room.

But the all-seeing entity warned Ash that she could get the chop if she failed to give valid reasons, so she bucked her ideas up and named Richard, saying, "He moans about the other two boys not doing washing-up in the House, but yet, never actually says anything to them".

The promo girl acknowledged that her reasons were pathetic and Big Bro thought so too, asking her why she had chosen Richard over her other peers.

So, forced to elaborate on her choice, Aisleyne said, "Sometimes he makes it obvious that he doesn't like people as much as others, just by talking really positively about the people he does like in the house, bigging them up all the time".

In other words, he is honest. Aisleyne then moaned that Richard can be sarcastic about people, but not to their face.

Struggling to name her second nominee, Ash suddenly plucked Glyn's name out of the air and said about him, "He doesn't do any washing-up in the house... and I'm thinking nobody else will nominate him anyway".

Once more she acknowledged that it was a pathetic excuse, and once more Big Bro pushed her to elaborate, whereupon Ash repeated the washing-up thing and added that she always has to wash the bath out after Glyn uses it. Also, having to moan at him about that makes her feel old.

To re-iterate, Aisleyne's nominations were: Richard and Glyn.

To see the other housemates' reasons for their respective nominations, please visit our Latest News section and read the relevant articles from Week 12. Here, you'll also find an article titled 'Eleventh Round Nominees Announced', which gives details of who nominated who at a glance.

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