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Pete Gets His Letter From Home

Poor old Pete missed-out on a message from home by giving-up his place as an inmate during the recent prison task, but today Imogen won him his letter during Big Bro's Board Game.

Collecting it from the Diary Room this evening, Pete was told that he must choose one of his fellow housemates to read it aloud. So he went straight out into the garden, but although he was trying to be polite to the others, he really wanted his good pal Dickie to read it out.

So, Richard took the letter written by the 24-year-old's Mum and began reading it to the group. Here's what it said:

"Dearest lovely Pete,

Great big cuddles and kisses and a huge Tourette's hug. You know I love it when you do that, it's not the same without it. I've nearly started crying just writing that, because I'm just so proud of you... I'm the proudest Mum in the whole world.

Since you went into the House it's like my whole life has turned round for the better. I don't even have to work in that terrible fast food restaurant any more, and have been able to have a real rest... stop worrying, it's all because of you.

My angel, you are my hero. I never had a hero... sorry, had to stop writing because big tears are plopping onto the keyboard. Don't worry, they are tears of happiness, I'm just so overwhelmed.

Alex is the proudest brother alive, and tells everyone how great you are at every available opportunity. He's gone to stay with his Dad, but is going to come over to London to meet you when you come out. And guess who has been in touch? Your Dad.

He's been phoning me and asking for me to forgive him, and I said yes. He's glued to the screen along with his Mum and I think he's the proudest dad alive. He bitterly regrets not having been there for you, and realises now just what he was missing.

Well, it's not too late and I am delighted for him to be there, so I've sent him a message to say it will be great if he is there.

The whole family is glued to the screen. Grandad is so proud; it's been making him better watching you, and he loves it.

Don't you worry about a thing darling Peter (kiss kiss), everyone and everything is just fine. Hooray for perfect Pete, the most wonderful son in the world."

Imogen got choked-up over the heartfelt message, declaring herself 'an emotional wreck' afterwards, and Pete's eyes started to moisten when it got to the part about his Dad. He subsequently revealed that he hadn't seen his old man since he was about 14.

"Read it again. Oh Pete, I'm so happy for you," said Rich, but the Brighton boy would have to hurry-up, as the letter had to be returned to Big Bro before the day was up.

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