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Jennie Wins Immunity/ Makes It To The Finale

Big Brother set-up a huge board game running through the house and garden today, and the contestants became pawns in the all-seeing entity's game, with one of the six standing to win immunity at the upcoming nominations.

As the game got going, the housemates moved around the snakes and ladders style board wearing plastic conical uniforms. They would encounter punishments and rewards along the way, and the first to reach Day 80 would be the winner.

Among the rewards was a cake won by Glyn, although he missed a turn while he scoffed it down. Imogen also won a prize, a letter from home for someone that hadn't had one yet, and chose to give it to Pete.

Pete and Richard got wet by landing on Day 23, in the pool, but the biggest blow was the card picked-up by Dickie, which read, "You have chosen to leave the Big Brother House. Go back to Day 1". Bah!

After nearly 2 hours of making their way around the winding the board, Jennie stood in the lead on Day 79 and managed to roll a '1' on the huge dice to become the Winner. Yay!

The Scouse sales girl was duly asked to come to the Diary Room while the others gathered in the lounge. Then, after covering her in ticker-tape and playing Kool In The Gang's 'Celebrate' into the padded room, Big Bro asked Jennie to open an envelope which contained some very welcome news.

"Congratulations. The bearer of this ticket gets a free pass to the Big Brother Final. The bearer is immune from next week's eviction. The ticket is non-transferable," read the document, but upon hearing the news Jennie was rather taken aback.

"I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do," said the 18-year-old before suggesting that she might wet herself! And her peers seemed as shocked and pleased as she was.

So, Jennie has won immunity at the nominations on Monday, and this means that she'll definitely make it to the final week of the game. In fact, she has also definitely made it to the Finale, as BBO believes that there won't be any more evictions after this coming Friday.

However, BB can change its mind at any time and also, don't discount the possibility of a third Double Eviction taking place on Friday the 11th of August, in which case 4 other contestants will fight it out with Jennie on the last day of the series.

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