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Ten Evictees In The Running To Return

Tonight, after the 12th and 13th evictions have taken place, the public will start voting for who they want to return to the Big Brother House. However, in a reverse of the actual eviction procedure, the housemates themselves will have the final say.

Eight former BB7 housemates/ evictees are in the running to return and will be joined by whoever leaves tonight at the double eviction, making ten possible returnees in total.

The public will then start voting for their faves to return, and on Tuesday the 8th of August in the penultimate week of the series, four of them will make it into the house next door/ dungeon/ whatever.

During a live show at 9pm next Tuesday, Davina will announce the names of the four with the most votes, who will then move-in next door. Fans will therefore start watching them just as they watched Aisleyne, Jayne, Jonathan, Jennie, Michael and Spiral in the Secret House.

Then, three days later after the 13th Eviction, just one of the four returnees will be voted into the Big Brother House by the five remaining housemates themselves. So ultimately, the fans don't get to choose who returns.

It's not clear if the group will be told that the returnee is eligible to win, but if so, they would be absolutely crazy to vote for a big character like Nikki to return. After all, she would surely stand a reasonable chance of winning?

But will they have the nous to think about that, especially as Big Bro will put them on the spot? We'll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime here's who's in the running to return:

Grace, Jayne, Lea, Lisa, Michael, Nikki, Sam, Spiral and (probably) Mikey and Suzie.

In what appears to be a double-blow for poor old Jonathan, only people 'evicted by the public vote' are eligible to return, so he's lost-out once again. This seems outrageously harsh, but who are we to criticise?

Well we can, but Big Bro has obviously made up its mind and has decided to ignore public opinion on this one. Ho hum.

For your information, Sezer and Bonnie have not been invited back for legal reasons, although Bonnie's seem trivial to us. We are not at liberty to divulge the circumstances though.

The voting telephone and text lines will open after tonight's double eviction, when we'll detail the numbers to call in our Latest News section.

Lastly, wary of upsetting those who've already paid to evict the ten potential returnees, this latest twist will NOT be a money-spinner for Channel 4. To clarify, all (Channel 4's) profits from the 'vote to return' will go to charity.

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