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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide! (Sort Of)

We say 'YOU decide' but frankly, it's probably more accurate to say that Big Brother decides this week, in light of the recently-announced double eviction.

After all, before we heard about that, even though there are four nominees this week it was a close run thing between Mikey and Suzie. This made the outcome somewhat unpredictable, but now it's entirely predictable.

In other words, both will go tonight at the 12th and 13th evictions of the series.

So, it's pointless even discussing the whys and wherefores of keeping either one, because if our Poll is correct, it won't matter if no-one else votes. Those two have such a lead in the voting already.

To demonstrate, at the time of writing our Poll result for the question 'Who Do You Want Evicted On Friday?' is: Mikey - 44%, Suzie - 38%, Imogen - 9%, Jennie 9%. So, Imogen and Jennie are definitely safe this week.

We originally thought that fans would want rid of boring Suzie, but Mikey seems to have pressed the self-destruct button since the weekend and has been featured on the catch-up shows having rucks for three days in a row.

However, Suzie has also made detrimental comments about the Welsh language. It won't matter though, as by the end of the evening the 43-year-old will have flicked her hair for the last time and Mikey will have said his last 'lad'.

Just to remind you, fans are voting to evict as normal this week, after voting to save the various pairings at last week's double eviction.

You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 4th of August to register your vote for the person you'd most like to get rid-of next. You can find all the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 11 of our Latest News section, called 'Voting Telephone Numbers'.

Don't forget, you can come and discuss all the Big Brother 7 goings-on in our Discussion Forums, or just read what everyone has to say if you prefer to stay in the background.

And if you fancy taking a gamble on the impending eviction, with Suzie currently at 3/1, a £25 bet would win you £75 profit (plus your stake back) if she gets the highest percentage at tonight's double eviction.

A £25 bet on Mikey at 1/5 would win you just a 'fiver, but you'll also get a FREE £25 Bet from BlueSquare, so you can't really lose whomever you bet on. See our Betting Zone section for more details on the Free bet; you can also get a Free £10 from Paddy Power if you want.

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