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Big Twist: Former Housemates Set To Return

Big Bro is clearing-out some of the dross tonight with its surprise double eviction, but the all-scheming entity is also planning to put some old housemates back in. Blimey!

During tonight's live shows hosted by Davina, a number of ex-BB7 housemates will get the chance to return to the House, although they probably won't be eligible to win the series.

It is unclear at this stage whether the public will actually choose who returns, but fans will definitely get to choose who joins the existing group over the coming few days.

For it's rumoured that the returning housemates will be held in some kind-of dungeon for a few days, before being voted into the BB House proper.

Let's just hope two things: i. that they've installed a stretch rack or stocks in the dungeon, and ii. that one of the returnees is moaning-mini Nikki!

About who's likely to return, rumours suggest that a bunch of former housemates might be in the running, but you can count Dawn out because she was removed from the game for communicating with the outside world.

George won't be coming back either, as he quit to avoid becoming famous, and Sezer is unlikely to be invited back in light of his current legal problems.

Shahbaz went a bit nuts in the first week of the show, but frankly he'd probably make a great contestant now, especially if the producers asked him to tone it down a bit. Still, we can't see him returning.

So, people like Nikki, Jonathan, Sam, Grace, Michael, Lea and maybe even 1st Evictee Bonnie are likely candidates.

Thinking about the first two on that list, a small number of fans tried to get a petition going to stop the former returning. However, they petitioned more successfully for the latter to come back, as he had a raw deal during his time on the show and never even made it into the main BB House.

When Sam was evicted at the 3rd Eviction, she hinted that she might be returning, by accidentally saying something like, 'If you think more BB5 with Emma and Michelle, than when Jon Tickle returned'.

This makes us think that the returnees might have to spy-on or even control the main House for a few days, which would be brilliant. After all, watching the aforementioned BB5 girls depriving (only) Victor Ebuwa of hot water for a day-or-two was great!

Anyway, BB's latest twist promises to pep things as we go into the last two weeks of the series, so don't forget to tune-in and take part in the voting.

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