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Tenth Nominations In Detail: Suzie

Seeing as Big Brother was 'sunning it' in Margate, its automated stand-in took care of the nominations this week. However, it didn't mean that the housemates could just give pathetic reasons and leave the room quickly.

The last person to nominate was Suzie, who was told that she should press button number 1 to make her first nomination, number 2 to make her second, and number 3 confirm the names of her two nominees.

So, Suzie pressed 1, but Autobro' announced, "Our system is currently busy, please hold," before playing the cheesy on-hold muzak, which made Suzie giggle as she hadn't heard it before.

However, the amusement wouldn't last long, as she got bored of waiting and started pressing a couple of buttons.

"I'm getting fed-up now, this is getting boring," said the 43-year-old, but the music stopped just long enough for her to hear that 'Big Brother values you as a housemate and will be with you shortly!' It then started-up again.

Again Suzie laughed, but said, "I don't believe this. This is getting silly," her peers wondering what she was up-to. Looking thoroughly peed-off, Suzie moaned, "I've got more important things to do than sit here... like make a cup of tea and have some lunch".

Then the music stopped again, but would she finally get a chance to make her nominations? Nope! Autobro' simply announced that she was 7th in the queue and the music started-up again. He he.

The automated entity messed her around for a full half-hour, before finally allowing an irate Suzie (well, as irate as Suzie gets) to give her two nominations.

Her first choice was Mikey, because, "He loses his temper a little bit and tends to bear down on me with his views". Suzie then cited a recent argument that they'd had where she felt intimated by Mikey because she'd taken-off her heels. Also, she wasn't happy that he treats her like an idiot.

About her second nominee, Suzie said, "This has been really difficult... but I'm going to have to say Jennie". Suzie found the Scouser too 'in your face' and was not happy with her swearing, referencing a crude expression Jennie uses about anal sex, although Suzie couldn't possible repeat it verbatim!

Before leaving, Suzie just had to confirm the names of her nominees: Mikey and Jennie.

To see the other housemates' reasons for their respective nominations, please visit our Latest News section and read the relevant articles from Week 11. Here, you'll also find an article titled 'Tenth Round Nominees Announced', which gives details of who nominated who at a glance.

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