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Tenth Round Nominees Announced

The eight remaining housemates made their nominations via Big Bro's automated stand-in yesterday and the nominees have now been announced. They are:

Imogen, Jennie, Mikey and Suzie.

Here's who voted for who:

Aisleyne - Mikey and Glyn
Glyn - Suzie and Richard
Imogen - Richard and Jennie
Jennie - Suzie and Imogen
Mikey - Suzie and Jennie
Pete - Imogen and Aisleyne
Richard - Mikey and Imogen
Suzie - Mikey and Jennie

So, the tally was: 3 votes each for Imogen, Jennie, Mikey and Suzie, 2 for Richard and 1 each for Aisleyne and Glyn. Only Pete escaped with none.

According to our recent Poll asking who you want rid-of next, the order was: Suzie, Mikey, Imogen and then Jennie, with the former being way out in front in the voting (second only to Aisleyne).

However, we seem to have been here before, with fans keen to get rid of the habitual tea maker and then not taking the opportunity last week when she was up at the double eviction.

But none of the four nominees are exactly favoured by the fans, and seeing as Imogen and Mikey's little relationship has cooled, there's no real reason to keep them in now. Not that we have anything against either one particularly; in fact, we're somewhat indifferent.

Again, we've got nothing against her, but the only reason we can think-of to keep Jennie in this week is because Pete is fond of her.

So, you might aswell just assign them all a number and then roll a dice to decide this week's evictee, as frankly the House won't change much whichever one goes.

Actually, that's not strictly true, because if the person you voted the 'least interesting ' in our recent Poll - Suzie - was to go, at least the remaining housemates will be able to let their hair down and have some real fun without worrying about the Mum-figure looming over them.

So, although the editing could go against Mikey over the coming few days, we reckon that Suzie's time has finally come and that she should go this week. But we don't decide, YOU do!

Voting lines will open later tonight and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to come and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the latest eviction, which is just for fun. And to get yourself a FREE £25 Bet plus a Free £10 Bet, or to check-out the latest odds on the Next Eviction, why not visit our Betting Zone section?

Lastly, if you'd like to discuss the forthcoming eviction with other Big Bro fans, please visit our Discussion Forums.

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