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Who Stays Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, the number of group members will be cut from ten to eight in one fell swoop, as Big Bro kicks one pair of pals out in a double eviction.

But out-of Imogen & Suzie, Michael & Spiral, and Pete & Richard, who's likely to go tonight?

When the pairs of nominees were announced on Monday, we thought the former pair were almost certain to go. After all, people have been moaning about how boring Imogen is for ages, and how Suzie just talks about fine foods and constantly makes tea.

However, if you consider our 'Who do you most want to see evicted next?' Poll, which ran over the weekend before the nominees were announced, here's what the (subsequently announced) nominee pairings received:

Imogen - 9%, Suzie - 16% = 25%
Michael - 9%, Spiral - 19% = 28%
Pete - 2%, Richard - 11% = 13%

(FYI, Ash & Jennie got a combined 25% and Glyn & Mikey just 9%. NB. Fans were not voting for pairs at this stage, as the twist hadn't been announced).

So, you can see from those results that best pals Michael and Spiral were the pairing that the public wanted out most, followed by Imogen & Suzie, and then Pete & Rich.

However, it's perhaps fairer to consider the least popular individual within each paring, but you'll see that the order is the same: Spiral, then Suzie, then Richard.

In fact, at the nominations, Spiral received one vote and his pal Michael was the only one to receive two, so they're evidently not that popular in the House either.

Looking at our most recent Poll, which has been running for the past few days and asked 'Which pair do you want evicted on Friday?', the result when it closed this morning (Friday, 28th of July) was:

Imogen & Suzie - 34%
Michael & Spiral - 59%
Pete & Richard - 7%

So again, it looks like the public want rid of Michael & Spiral. However, you can't actually vote to evict anyone this week, and so as it's 'vote to save', Pete and Richard will undoubtedly get the most votes and be safe.

Indeed, we've just started a new Poll asking who you want to save, and we suspect that the results will be reversed: that Pete and Rich will get around 60%. The public won't be as bothered about saving the other nominees though, so it could be quite close between those other two couples.

Ultimately, however, the smart money is probably on Michael and Spiral to go tonight, but it's down to YOU!

You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 28th of July 2006 to register your vote to save a pair of nominees. You can find all the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 10 of our Latest News section, called 'Voting Telephone Numbers'.

Don't forget, you can come and discuss all the Big Brother 7 goings-on in our Discussion Forums, or just read what everyone has to say if you prefer.

And if you fancy taking a gamble on the impending eviction (it's a bit late now, so you'd have to stake £100's really) or the Outright Winner, head for our Betting Zone section where you'll find details of how to get a Free £25 Bet and also a Free £10 Bet! You can also see how we've made over £600 so far.

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