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Fans In A Flap Over Voting System

We've been hearing from an increasing number of fans over the past few days, who are concerned about possible confusion over the voting at this week's 9th Eviction.

Not to put too fine a point on it, they feel that Pete and Richard could accidentally get the boot because people don't understand the procedure.

What they are referring-to is the fact that for one week only, you are voting to save a pair of pals. The 'vote to move' into the Secret House aside, fans normally vote to kick someone out, so you can see where their concern comes from.

However, BBO is confidant that there won't be hash-up tonight because, let's face it, you'd have to be really stupid to get it wrong!

After all, everywhere the telephone and text numbers are written, it should re-iterated that fans are voting to save this week. Plus, websites and newspapers have re-iterated the point, as has Dermot on BBLB, Russell on BBBM and the guy who reads-out the numbers at the end of each nightly catch-up show.

You should be more concerned about dialling the correct number, as some idiotic fans always try and dupe people into dialling the wrong number by posting misleading messages on Forums, or forwarding duff e-mails etc.

This week we've also heard that people have dialled some kind-of Competition line, purely because they've got the wrong number. If you want to know the correct numbers, always check BBO's Latest News section and read the 'Voting Telephone Numbers' article for the relevant week.

Some advice? If you're keen to save a particular pair this week, you could always vote for, say, contestants a & b two times, and vote for contestants c & d just once. This would leave contestants e & f with no vote from you.

Or, you could just vote ten times for contestants a & b (i.e. your faves), thus giving them a big push towards gaining the most votes. This week, don't forget, that's exactly what the nominees want from you: to receive the most votes and therefore be saved from eviction.

The only problem with the latter idea is that it not only costs you loads – well, about a fiver – it also lines the pockets of Channel 4.

Indeed, cynics would argue that this is the very reason for changing the voting system this week, because they know full-well that a huge number of people will want to save Petey. It could therefore generate quite a lot of revenue for the TV company. Ho hum.

Anyway, just remember that you are voting to save, or to keep, a pair of housemates this week, and the pairing with the least number of votes will definitely get the chop.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

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