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Bonnie: The Davina Interview

Davina kicked-off her interview with the first evictee by noting that the Big Brotherhood thing was a bit tricky for Bonnie, before asking who she thought hadn't voted to admit her to the gang.

Bonnie correctly thought that Lea would have supported her, adding in-reference to the rest of the group, "At the end of the day, everyone's nice to your face and then behind your back you don't know what they're saying".

She was then shown a VT of the private vote by the Brotherhood on Day 6, where Nikki got seven votes, Imogen and Dawn got five, but Bonnie received just one, from Lea.

The host then pointed-out that there hadn't really been a bad word said about Bonnie by her peers, prompting the evictee to admit that she'd expected more conflict from the start.

Of course, Shahbaz caused plenty of upset amongst the group during his short stay, but apparently he made Bonnie laugh. "He was the highlight of my first few days," stated the 20-year-old.

Next, Davina suggested that Bonnie had made one good friend in Lea, before asking what was so special about her. "I just clicked with her straight away. I think Lea's lovely," came the response.

A VT of their friendship was shown, underscored by James Taylor's 'You've Got A Friend', which reminded Bonnie how Lea had stuck-up for her and how they'd had some fun together. An emotional moment, which made the 1st Evictee cry.

Then, moving-on to Bonnie's popularity with the public, Davina suggested that she hadn't really lived-up to expectations, before showing a VT of her entrance tape. This portrayed Bonnie as being potentially really good fun, quite sexy, a bit crude and very argumentative.

"Is that the real you?"asked the host, to-which Bonnie said it is, but put her lack of get-up-and-go down to the fact that she was a bit bored.

On the subject of her peers, Bonnie said that she was annoyed with Brotherhood boss Lisa for judging her so early-on, adding, "It was just a bit weird in there... they were trying to make you feel like you should suck-up to them, and I didn't want to suck up to them".

After some chat about how she missed having her suitcase, Bonnie was then asked about the romances in the House, and specifically, did she fancy anyone? No was the answer to that question, and the Loughborough lass said that Sezer likes Imogen more than she likes him.

About Grace and Mikey's relationship, Bonnie said that it's not for real as Grace likes George really, and about Pete and Lisa, she claimed that it's 'a one-sided thing'.

Davina then asked the evictee her opinion on the boys, prompting the response, "I think Mikey's okay but I didn't have much time for Sezer". Bonnie thought that George was a bit arrogant, but conceded that he can be quite nice.

When asked who would win the series, Bonnie first said Nikki, but was then swayed by the audience to say Pete, before settling on Lea! "Hopefully Lea, 'cos she thinks the public hate her," she added.

Finally, just before being shown the traditional 'best bits' VT, Bonnie was asked what she'd learned about herself; her answer was that she needs her stuff (clothes), but otherwise nothing profound.

As the interview drew to a close, Bonnie giggled upon seeing the footage of her stay, before stating that there's 'no way' she would consider going back in. And that was that.

She won't exactly be missed by either fans of the show or her former housemates, but it's a shame that Bonnie didn't stay a while longer, just so we could see if she'd eventually live-up to the expectations.

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