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Dawn Thrown-Out For Breaking Rules

Just two days after Shahbaz walked out, and a day before the 1st Eviction of the series, Dawn has dramatically been thrown-out of the Big Brother House this morning.

As with Shahbaz' departure, details are sketchy at this early stage, but inside sources have given Big Brother Online a good idea of what happened.

Despite fans' suggestions that she was given the elbow for being too sweaty, she was actually chucked-out for breaking fundamental Rules of the show! Namely, that housemates must not communicate with the outside world.

'But how could she have done that?' we hear you ask. Using a strange but very cunning method. Read on...

We understand that Dawn had almost-certainly arranged with a family member to give her a coded message if she wasn't doing very well/ getting bad press, and needed to consider quitting the show.

What you may not know, is that although the housemates are supposed to be separated from the outside world, if a particular contestants' relatives need to impart a very serious message relating to family members, it will be passed on.

This is why, for a lot of the day on Wednesday (Day 7), Dawn was either in the Diary Room or threatening to leave the House.

So, in other words, for example Dawn could have pre-arranged for her sister to come in and say that 'Aunt Flo has died', when she has no such relative. Rather, it is code for: You need to quit now, before you start coming across worse.

It all sounds a little far-fetched and indeed, it is. To re-iterate, at this stage we're not 100% sure of the details as the producers like to keep things close to their chest initially. The full details will be revealed soon and remember, if we're right, you read it here first!

In the meantime, Dawn has been kicked-out via the Diary Room door and she will not be coming back. At least she didn't have to worry about packing her suitcase, because as a non-Brotherhood member of the group, she never received it!

Suffice to say that you should NOT vote for Dawn to be evicted this week now, but voting still continues for Friday night's 1st Eviction, where either or Bonnie or Glyn will go.

The KitKat Golden Ticket housemate (see earlier news articles) will not arrive until early June, but you should probably expect some replacement housemates to turn-up before then. Or maybe they'll all come in together, who knows?

In the meantime, if you'd like to discuss the matter with other fans of the show, why not visit our Discussion Forums?

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