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Oh What A (Fight) Night

Granted, it wasn't quite as heated as the famous Fight Night from Big Brother 5, but Shahbaz nevertheless managed to cause a massive furore tonight and turn everyone against him.

The trouble started when the Brotherhood were choosing recipients for the various prizes, with Shahbaz having an argument with Lea over who should get the beret.

Mouthy model Lea thought that Bonnie should become the next BB member, but Shahbaz snapped, "I'm one of the Brotherhood main members and I think it (the decision) will come down to me".

Shahbaz, who favoured Dawn, subsequently agreed to make an effort to speak to Bonnie, but the seed had already been sown for some impending aggro with Lea.

The blonde 'body artist' warned her pals that Shahbaz was heading for a rude awakening with her, and suggested that it was only a matter of time before either she, Dawn, Richard or Sezer sorted him out.

At the same time, Shahbaz told a tipsy Lisa that she wasn't in a fit state to make choices about the prizes. The tactless teetotaller then referred to her as an 'imbecile', which didn't go down very well at all!

Picking on the two feistiest housemates wasn't his most sensible move, as Shab found out to his cost when Lisa had a pop at him and was quickly backed-up by Lea.

Accompanied by lots of finger-pointing, Lea told her fellow Brotherhood member to tone down his behaviour, before completely losing it when he laughed at her, aggressively shouting, "Don't f**king laugh at me".

Shahbaz just wore a sheepish look on his face, but as much as Richard tried to calm Lea down, she flared-up again and again, continuing to defend Lisa and calling her jobless peer a moron.

Richard then suggested that the group should send Shab to Coventry, hoping that he would disappear in a puff of smoke if they all said the word 'shebang!'

But, with everyone else looking on, Lea once again got riled, her face getting redder and redder as the verbal assualt continued.

Shahbaz then came out with some truly bizarre spiel about how he'd come into the house to die, before retreating to the Diary Room to speak to Big Brother.

When he returned, everyone else had gone to bed early in a deliberate bid to snub him, even though it wasn't long after 1am.

To be honest, tonight's events are going to very hard for the 37-year-old to recover from, but we must concede that the ruckus made for fantastic viewing.

And to think, it's only Day 4!

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