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Celebrity Big Brother 4 Hailed A Success

January's Celebrity Big Brother 4 series has been hailed a success on all counts.

The short-format series, which ran for its longest period yet this time around – 23 days versus 8, 10 and 18 days before – gained an average of 6.5 Million viewers at the start.

This improves on viewing figures for the previous Celebrity series' Launch show, which took place around the same time last year and was seen by an average of just 5.2 million people.

However, the top bods at Channel 4 are probably quite chuffed that an incredible 7.5 million viewers (at peak) tuned-in to see Chantelle Houghton triumph over five other contestants at the series' Finale.

Apart from the fact that the inclusion of a non-Celebrity housemate proved such a hit with the fans, this bettered the viewing figures for last year's CBB3 Finale show by some 2 million viewers.

Indeed, interest in the Finale of CBB4 almost matched that of the most recent 3-month-long series (Big Brother 6), which took place from May to August last year and reached almost 8 million viewers at peak.

Clearly then, with one Teen series, four Celebrity series and six proper series of Big Bro in the bag, there's life in the old dog yet, despite what the show's detractors will claim.

On that note, we always find it amusing when people groan if you mention Big Brother in conversation, as if they don't watch the show. However, the above figures show that well over 10% of the population watch it.

And don't forget that 8 million is a huge percentage of the people who are actually watching television at any given time (when you take into account the fact that tramps and vagrants don't own TV sets etc!)

That's around 25 million people in this case, so when the topic of conversation turns to Big Brother at your workplace, you can bet that a fair few of your colleagues have been watching it too.

Anyway, what-with the eleven Celebrities having raised around £480,000 for various charities during the three-week run, CBB4 can undoubtedly be deemed a great success.

A fictitious spokesperson for the show recently said, "As it says above, we're rather chuffed with the success of Celebrity Big Brother 4 and are really looking forward to the next proper series in the summer, when we can forget all pretence of trying to help charity and line our own pockets instead".

Actually, we might have made some of that quote up... okay, so we made it ALL up!

No offence meant to the BB producers, all of whom do a sterling job in keeping us entertained throughout the summer and definitely earn their massive 'Ferrari-affording' bonuses. Ahem.

Hurrah for the Big Brother production team then, who doubtless have some fantastic twists and ideas up their sleeve for the forthcoming series.

With auditions taking place throughout the month of February and into early March, the countdown to Big Brother 7 begins...

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