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Lea Walker <<

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Name: Lea Walker
Age: 35
From: Nottingham
Occupation: Glamour Girl, Pigmentation Artist (?), Body Artist (p**n star!)
Why did you want to be a part of Big Brother 7?: "For the money and the fame, just like everyone else."
What makes you stand out from everyone else?: "My massive 30M boobs, the largest in the UK! I am pretty hateful and people are often jealous of me."

Other Info:

Mother to a young son, Lea used to be a huge size 22 but slimmed down and had silicon implants fitted. She has spent a total of around £35,000 on plastic surgery and is now confident that she has a body to die for. Describing herself as fun, sexy and comical, Lea is happy in herself, after having changed what's on the outside so drastically.

Her strangest job was being painted nude whilst standing in front of thousands of bikers. Lea says that she always attracts seedy guys (that might be something to do with her job, see above - Ed!) and thinks Elvis is Sexy.

She is ambidextrous, has several tattoos and also a tongue piercing. She loves horse riding and running, but hates cheese.

Current Game Status/ Position: Still in the game; one of 9 housemates remaining.

Lea survived possible eviction at the 2nd Eviction on Friday the 2nd of June (Day 16), when up against Richard and Sezer (it was a landslide in favour of evicting Sezer). She had not faced eviction prior to this.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 7) - There weren't any First Nominations per-se, but Lea was immune at the 1st Eviction because she was chosen to join the Big Brotherhood gang. See related article here

1st Proper  (Day 13) - Lea was nominated by Grace, Lisa and Nikki at the first round proper.

2nd  (Day 19) - At the second round, Lea was nominated by Sam only.

3rd  (Day 26) - There wasn't a normal round of nominations this week, as Suzie (unbekown to her) had sole responsibility for putting two people up. Lea was not one of the two. See here and here.

4th  (Day 33) - At the fourth round, Big Bro first punished five housemates (Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki) and made them each vote once to decide one person who would definitely face eviction. Lea received one vote from Imogen. The slate was then wiped clean and there was a normal nomination procedure for the other five housemates, where Lea received a vote from Mikey only. See here and here.

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