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Name: Glyn Wise
Age: 18
From: North Wales
Occupation: Part-time lifeguard/ Head boy in 6th Form
Status: Single
Why did you want to be a part of Big Brother 7?: "To get nationwide attention and show-off my sexy body to millions" (we're sensing irony or delusion there! - Ed).
What makes you stand out from everyone else?:

"I am a complex character who's both confident and entertaining; I'm fantastic and the girls will love me!"


Other Info:

Glyn is a confident guy and is very happy with his life and his body, believing his physique to be near-perfect.

Fiercely proud of his Welsh heritage, Glyn is very patriotic and feels strongly that all Welsh people should learn to speak the language. Glyn would like to become the first Welsh winner of Big Brother and the first male Page 3 model. He is nothing if not imaginative and once painted a picture of 'the t.A.T.u. lesbians' kissing him for an art exam.

The last time Glyn lost his temper was when his Dad was late getting him to an audition for Big Brother 7. About his feelings about animals, he matter-of-factly says that he hates them and they hate him.

Current Game Status/ Position: Still in the game; one of 9 housemates remaining.

Glyn survived possible eviction at the 1st Eviction on Friday the 26th of May 2006 (Day 9), when up-against Bonnie. Initially, Dawn was also a nominee but she got kicked-out of the House a day before the eviction.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 7) - There weren't any First Nominations per-se, but Glyn became a nominee along with Bonnie and Dawn because he was not chosen to join the Big Brotherhood gang. See related article here.

1st Proper  (Day 13) - Glyn received no nominations at the first round proper.

2nd  (Day 19) - At the second round, Glyn received no nominations again.

3rd  (Day 26) - There wasn't a normal round of nominations this week, as Suzie (unbekown to her) had sole responsibility for putting two people up. Glyn was not one of the two. See here and here.

4th  (Day 33) - At the fourth round, Big Bro first punished five housemates (Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki) and made them each vote once to decide one person who would definitely face eviction. Glyn received no votes here. The slate was then wiped clean and there was a normal nomination procedure for the other five housemates, where Glyn received one vote from Richard. See here and here.

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