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Makosi Rumbles Orlaith!

Oh dear, she was already feeling on edge but now Orlaith's secret mission has gone spectacularly wrong, becuase two-time secret agent Makosi sussed her when the 'Love Buzzer' went off.

"Something's vibrating on you!" shrieked Makosi as she heard the hidden device rumbling-away on her nearby peer.

But a flustered Orlaith quickly tried to suggest the noise was coming from elsewhere, then panicked and dashed to the Diary Room, but not before ludicrously claiming that Big Bro must have bugged her!

Oh yeah, that always happens... what next, Alien experiments in the Diary Room? Abductions from the swimming pool?

Meanwhile, Makosi, who speculated that the hapless mission failer had a mobile phone on her, ran around the kitchen table to celebrate the fact that she'd found Orlaith out.

However, Kemal was more concerned over the probability that Makosi had once again blown the group's chances of getting a nice treat by sussing Orlaith out.

When she returned from the Diary Room, Orlaith fibbed that the all-seeing entity had given her a pager just to check-up on her 'cos she was feeling so low.

However, quite how that works we're not sure, given that a pager can only accept messages?

Later in the evening, Kemal, Makosi and Derek were sat chatting about the incident and Makosi noted that Orlaith came out of the Diary Room looking suspiciously happy.

Having a laugh at the model's ridiculous excuse, the Zimbabwean beauty said, "(And just) how do you get bugged in the Brother House?

There followed some speculation that Big Bro had re-jigged the mission, with Kemal sniping that they should have just told her to forget it because she's rubbish, and Makosi suggesting that it might now be her mission to pi** everyone off.

The trio went-on to have a little bitching session about their foe, with Kemal labelling her 'a dry piece of nothing' and Derek confirming that Orlaith is 'mind-numbingly boring' sometimes.

Hey, shall we play 'Guess The Nominations This Week'?!

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