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Orlaith Set To Leave

Tonight, the group were locked in the lounge as they usually are after an eviction, however Orlaith had been in the Diary Room chatting to Big Brother.

Re-joining the group just before they were allowed out of the room, the unstable model waited for everyone to leave but asked Makosi to stay behind.

The sultry Belfast girl then revealed that she was set to leave the House at 10am in the morning and explained that her exit had already been arranged with the show's Producers.

Makosi came out in sympathy for her Irish pal, the girl she was only bitching about a week ago, by saying, "Now I want to go".

She then started to get upset but frankly, it wasn't clear if the tears were genuine or not from the would-be Princess and 'Queen' game-player. Probably not.

Meanwhile Del, who'd come into the room briefly, snapped at Makosi for asking him to shut the door, then went and sat in the bedroom with Eugene.

Fuming at the result of the 9th Eviction, and doubtless reflecting on Makosi's somewhat two-faced behaviour, the 41-year-old said that he was p****d off because Kemal had been beaten by Orlaith.

Back in the lounge, Orlaith couldn't pour enough scorn on Derek, saying, "I am in a house with a person who gets what he wants".

Moaning about the fact that Derek 'gets away with blue murder' (i.e. having not been penalised for taking his mic off etc.), Orlaith then laid into Eugene, who she referred-to as Del's lap dog.

The vindictive latecomer then got Makosi involved in a good old bitching session by saying, "He should have been gone weeks ago. he shouldn't even be in this house".

The inference was that Derek was too old to even be on Big Brother.

Later, with the news shared, Makosi was in absolute tears because Orlaith was leaving, although she hadn't shed one tear for her supposed friend Kemal.

The 24-year-old was comforted by Craig as she threatened once again to quit the show (like she effectively did by walking up the stairs at Vanessa's eviction), but it was probably an empty gesture.

Even Ant joined-in with the nasty 'anti-Derek' sentiment, and about an hour later, Craig said that he would definitely leave if they brought someone else in to replace Orlaith.

Frankly, we hope they do. It'll save us the bother of evicting him!

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