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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, during the 9th eviction of the series, one of the remaining seven housemates will be ejected from the Big Brother House; either Kemal or Orlaith.

Once again, our Home page Poll has registered 50/50 all week, but today Orlaith has just edged out in front with 51% of the vote. Last week, when she faced Science, it was just as close, and Orlaith only manage to survive by half-a-percent.

It looks set to be a close one again tonight and the likely result is too difficult to call, although it does seem slightly mad that an equal number of fans want Kemal out.

After all, he's quite a character and Orlaith has brought little to the House really. Okay, that's a bit of a sweeping statement, but Kemal has arguably entertained/ done more/ been more interesting in his nine weeks than she has in her five.

Surely no-one disputes that?

That said, now that Orlaith is firmly in with Craig and Anthony, the really malicious bitching has started but frankly BB fans, haven't we had enough of that now?

Not that we want plain sailing for the housemates from here on in, as that would be a bit dull to watch.

However, if Orlaith goes this week and then Craig next, perhaps Anthony can finally be free of all the controlling influences, will join with the rest of the group and the last five contenders can have some fun in the final week of the game?

By the way, you can still get good odds on everyone but Anthony to Win the series; Makosi, Derek and Kemal are all offered at over 10/1 at the moment. So, if you back them and they win, you'll have at least ten times your stake back in profit.

Erm, was that obvious? What we mean is: we're not 100% convinced that Anthony has it in the bag and genuinely feel that the above-mentioned housemates are still contenders, depending on what happens to Kemal tonight, obviously.

Amazingly, resident geek Eugine is very much a contender, being the second favourite at the time of writing. However, you can even get decent odds of 9/2 on him (£9 profit for every £2 staked, or, you would turn £20 into almost £163 etc)

So, if you'd like to place a bet, please visit our Betting Zone and click one of the links there, or go straight to the website of our betting partner BlueSquare and get a Free £25 bet, by clicking here. You need to visit the 'Specials', then 'TV Specials' section. Good Luck!

The voting telephone and text numbers can be found within another story from Week 9 of our Latest News section.

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