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Is Anthony Too Boring To Win?

The Anthony and Craig pseudo-Love Story has certainly captured the fans' attention since Maxwell left, but what we're wondering now is: What will Anthony have to offer when Craig is out of the picture?

For the 70's dancer doesn't really get involved in any arguments, sits on the fence in bitching sessions, we can't recall any meaningful conversations he's participated in, he's not a great comedian, he's led the group in nothing and can't find the bottle to once-and-for-all tell Craig that 'enough is enough'.

Shall we go on?

It's not that we're gunning for the bloke - far from it - as he seems like a great guy and hasn't come across as the arrogant prat he did on Day 1 with his ridiculously showy entrance. Well, not too much anyway.

However, when you think about what he's done during the series, most of the stand-out moments involve other people like Maxwell and Craig, the latter being very likely to leave the House before the Geordie shrimp.

Fair enough, the craic was good while it lasted with all the pranks, but they eventually fizzled-out and none could exactly be described as world class, although the man himself no doubt dubbed them 'text book'.

So, is just being a nice bloke, and a good-looking one at that, enough to win you the series? It may well be, as BB4's Cameron Stout very much fitted into the former category and he won that series...

...although fans have no idea why in hindsight, as he was a bit too 'straight down the line' really. Much like Anthony.

Even self-confessed geek Eugene, who is so eccentric and enthusiastic that you couldn't possibly dub him boring (a bore, maybe), reckons that Anthony is a little bit dull.

Talking to him about last night's drunken shenanigans, Eugene said, "I think you come across as a nice person... if a bit dull perhaps?" Go Eugene!

Outraged by the slur, Anthony came back with, "I'm not dull, you cheeky git!" then got into a huge rage, smashed a chair over Eugene's head, threw Craig into the pool, had a barney with every other housemate and did a moonie to Big Bro before dismantling the Diary Room camera.

Actually, he didn't, we just made that up for effect! He slinked off to do something, erm, more interesting, but you get the point.

So, would Anthony make a worthy winner or is he ultimately too boring? With just a couple of weeks to go now, only time will tell.

If you fancy discussing this or any other BB-related point with like-minded fans, head-over to our Discussion Forum now.

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