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The Morning After The Night Before

Last night at the Ambassador's bash Anthony got well-and-truly wrecked on booze. This morning, he's paying for it!

Having decided to challenge his peers in a typical slurred 'What have you been saying about me?' drunken situation, Ant was trying to find out who'd been talking about him in relation to his ambitions for winning the series.

However, even he didn't really know what he was on about, he was that drunk.

Craig tried to intervene and shut him up, then proceeded to, ahem, 'look after' his pint-size pal after he was sick all over the lounge. The thing is, it turned into an almost unwatchable display of letchy behaviour from Craig.

Now we have to be a bit careful what we say here, but it's one thing liking a person... it's another being totally infatuated with them and having a crush... but when things develop into gratuitous touching, it all starts to get a bit dodgy.

For that's what it looked like to us: a blatant excuse for Craig to touch flesh, and having put the smashed Geordie under the showers and then carried him to bed, Craig just about stopped short of changing his wet underwear.

Certainly it was infuriating to watch and the other housemates were also getting agitated by Craig's smothering behaviour, with Eugene doing his best to de-cling the obsessed Norfolk boy.

Anthony himself also tried to fight Craig off a couple of times, although he was too 'out-of-it' to completely get rid of him.

This morning, the spectacle-causing drunkard was predictably feeling worse-for-wear and struggled to open his eyes as he slowly came to life.

With a mouth like Ghandi's flip-flop and a banging head, the Geordie boy looked as though he was reflecting on last night's events. However, it later transpired that he didn't remember much of it.

The bit he did remember though, was spewing his guts up, dubbing it a 'school boy error'. Indeed, cider-swilling 14-year-olds can probably hold their drink better than the boozing lightweight!

Anyway, what concerns us now is: how nice is that lounge going to smell today given that we didn't see any disenfecting action last night?

Urrggh! Lovely.

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