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The Ambassador's Ball

The Ambassador's Ball got into full swing tonight as the distinguished spies, er... we mean guests, all arrived in oufits conveying the character they'd taken-on for the evening. The outfits were great, the accents were not so great!

German fighter pilot Hans (Craig) quickly struck-up a conversation with Lord Marple (Del) about attacking France. But PC'ness went out of the window as they chatted away, Craig's accent wavering as the pair discussed the plan.

Pretend Australian guest Shane (Ant), was almost pushing his character too much by arriving dressed in full scuba-diving gear, complete with goggles and flippers... as you do, at a posh nosh-up like that.

Hmm, wonder what job he does?

Still, if his (wet)suit bemused the other guests, his accent would have had them all well-and-truly intrigued. Which part of Australia did you say you came from, mate?

We all know that Aussies say 'mate' a lot as we increasingly do here, and we Brits tend to think they walk around saying 'fair dinkum' and 'Sheila' non-stop, along with phrases like, 'Throw another shrimp on the barbie'.

However, stereotypes aside, we don't recall their countrymen using the word 'pet' at the end of their sentences much. Or 'like', 'ya knaw' and 'man!'

Sexy spy Toots Henry (Orlaith) was also in attendance, blending-in like a wallflower despite her stunning good looks. We're saying nothing.

Talking of being boring, dubiously-accented American guest John Harris (Eugene) was the master, sending Lord Marple to sleep with his waffle about microwaves and window cleaning, amongst other (tediously dull) things.

Ritagianni (Kemal) arrived with a burgundy barnet, looking rather like a Duran Duran reject, but Penelope (Makosi) looked cool, despite having ditched her wild afro in favour of a straight, bobbed 'do'. Whether the former is actually a wig is still open to conjecture.

Various housemates have been accused of it over the weeks, but one thing was true tonight, every guest at the party was a total and utter fake!

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