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Double Agent Kemal Gets To Quiz Makosi

Last night, Double Agent Kemal had to carry-out his own secret mission, which was to decipher a message relayed in morse code via the LED peepers of a particular garden gnome. The message he managed to get from the flashy-eyed ornament was: Liar.

As he managed to successfully complete the mission, and was not spotted by anyone in doing-so, Kemal won the chance to quiz any housemate of his choice with three of his own questions.

He would listen-in to the answers via a hidden TV monitor and headphones in the loo, much like Saskia did with Maxwell. It goes without saying that the paranoid belly dancer chose Makosi to be grilled by the all-seeing entity.

Telling Big Bro that she'd managed to 'deceive but not lie', Makosi answered the three questions and said she found it interesting that Kemal, who she called her friend, thought she was an actress.

The message was clear: Makosi was neither a mole or an actress.

Upon hearing the news, Kemal bounded to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother of his relief. "I got the answers I've wanted forever! She's not an actress... or a mole!" said the previously-sceptical Turk.

And Kemal found Makosi's fears about losing her long-time bitching bud rather touching, stating that he felt even closer to the oft-devious nurse now.

So, Kemal can finally put his mind to rest, but if we were him we'd be a bit careful about assuming that their friendship is real... for it's now Week 9 and we still don't know if Makosi is really his pal or not.

Well, she didn't save him at this week's nominations, did she?

Talk about playing the game though? If there's one thing Makosi can't be accused of, it's unashamedly playing her own oft-complicated and confusing game. As fans and viewers, we can't really moan about that.

She's one of the biggest characters ever to appear on the show and despite all her ups and downs in the popularity stakes, we reckon Makosi's success now hangs on how she treats Kemal over the coming days (and weeks, if he survives on Friday).

So, is she friend, or is she foe? YOU decide!

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