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Bookies Think There's Only One Winner

After eight weeks of ups and downs, the housemates are now on the home straight, so we thought we'd take a look at who the bookies think is likely to win Big Brother 6.

Looking at the most recent odds (Tuesday 26th July, evening), this is what our betting partner was offering on each housemate to Win the series:

Anthony - 4/9
Craig - 12/1
Derek - 10/1
Eugene - 8/1
Kemal - 16/1
Makosi - 5/1
Orlaith - 28/1

So, basically they think that Orlaith has no chance of winning and to be absolutely frank, they're probably right. She was an 'additional' contestant after all, and a fairly mediocre one at that.

Next comes Kemal, who is strangely behind Craig in the popularity stakes. Our most recent Poll indicated that Craig was the most disliked, closely followed by Orlaith, but Kemal was miles away in terms of how many fans wanted him out.

We haven't given up on the stiletto-wearing one just yet though, but his fate depends on the outcome of the 9th Eviction. If Craig had been up this week, he would have been history for sure, probably even going over Orlaith. So, backing him to win is not a brilliant idea.

Then comes Derek at 10/1, followed by Eugene at 8/1. However, our current Home page Poll (please vote in our Polls), which will be archived below the three Polls soon, indicates that the viewers think Eugene probably can't win.

It's one thing making him a kind-of cult figure and pretending that he's interesting just for something to talk about amongst friends and colleagues etc.

However, is being a rather boring, stammering, geek enough to win the £100K, even if he is probably the most genuine person in there? If the public decide that Eugene has entertained enough though, then the answer could be: yes!

Talking of boring, we can't believe that Anthony's odds are so low - the bookies think he's pretty-much got it in the bag and is just biding his time now before being crowned the victor.

Of course, this is bad news for us, because if you've been following our Betting Zone section you'll have noticed that we haven't backed him to win yet! His odds are so low now though, that we're just going to ride it out; if he wins, he wins. We'll still have made money.

We didn't mention Makosi above, who at 5/1 is still in with a good chance of winning; something we've been saying all along, despite her rocky journey.

In fact, and this is not any kind of bias because we might lose some potential profit if Anthony wins, we think it's still anyone's game - that's the exciting thing about this series.

After all, the bookies don't always get it right, as demonstrated when Maxwell left over Science. Also, the odds change literally all the time, so now might be a good time to go for a bet, especially if you fancy anyone but Anthony to win?

If you fancy a punt, it's easy to work out how much you could win if the odds remain something-to-one, as most are above. You just times the first figure by how much you are staking, so a £25 bet on Derek at the above odds would make you £250 profit.

A £40 bet on Makosi would make you £200 profit, or £100 staked on Orlaith would make you £2800 profit... but you'd have to be completely bonkers to do it! If you fancy placing a bet for a bit of fun this week, please only stake amounts that you can afford to lose.

So, if you'd like to check-out the current odds, place a bet and get yourself a FREE £25 bet (once you've placed your first one), head over to the BlueSquare website, where it's quick-and-easy to sign-up for an account and start betting.

You need to seek out the 'Specials' section, and then click on 'TV Specials'. NB. this market is often taken off their website overnight or during nominations etc. Anyway, Good Luck!

If you have a strong opinion on whether Anthony should be the rightful winner or not, then why not come and impart your views in our busy Discussion Forum, where you'll find lots of topics to discuss with other like-minded BB fans?

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