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Nominees Announced For 9th Eviction - Yet Another Twist!

This series, Big Bro has messed with things at the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and now 9th Nominations - basically, every other round the all-seeing entity has implemented some kind of twist or change to the ('text book') standard procedure.

Yesterday was the ninth time that the housemates had to nominate, notwithstanding latecomers Eugene and Orlaith, and once again there was a twist.

Instead of nominating the people they wanted to get shot-of this Friday, the seven housemates had to nominate the two people they wanted to save from eviction.

This tied in with Big Bro's theme about 'spreading the love' and made the procedure less predictable than it perhaps might have been?

"That's actually quite cool," said Craig. Good mate Anthony also thought it was a good twist because BB was focussing on the positive instead of the negative.

However, as the pair reveled in the drama, a sceptical Derek warned, "You don't know how it's going to be interpreted".

Anyway, we digress. This week's nominees are: Kemal and Orlaith.

Here's who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received this week in brackets. We'll be detailing the Nominations in full detail in another story soon, also accessible shortly via the contestant profiles above.

Remember: these votes were to SAVE the two listed housemates, not evict them:

Anthony (3) - Craig & Makosi
Craig (3) - Anthony & Orlaith
Derek (2) - Eugene & Kemal
Eugene (2) - Craig & Derek
Kemal (1) - Derek & Makosi
Makosi (2) - Eugene & Anthony
Orlaith (1) - Anthony & Craig

So, they all got at least one vote but it wasn't enough for Kemal and Orlaith. The surprise (or not), was that Makosi didn't vote to save Kemal and that has probably sealed her fate with the voting public, even if she's just voting tactically.

It seems especially harsh as Kemal seems to have calmed down with all the 'mole' stuff now and believes that Makosi is his friend. However, what she seems to have forgotten is that although she can play the housemates, she cannot play the voting public.

But which one of the two will go this week? Almost certainly Orlaith.

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The 'Next Eviction' market should appear back in the TV Specials section of their site soon.

So, who stays and who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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