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Pass The Parcel

Big Bro tried to bring some 'luuurve' to the House yesterday via Orlaith's task, but seeing as she botched that up, the all-seeing entity has tried again today with a special game of pass the parcel.

Although they were fully expecting to be nominating today, the housemates were confused but excited when BB asked them to sit in a circle on the floor at around 1.30pm.

Craig, predicting that the group would be having a camp fire-style singalong, starting singing Kumbaya... and he knew rather too much of it for our liking, considering he's not 8-years-old!

As the group excitedly waited for Big Brother to announce what was going on, their speculation annoyed Derek who said in his usual Dad-like way, "Why can't you just wait? It'll be five minutes and then you'll know!"

Kemal returned from the Diary Room with a laminate and the parcel, and explained that the housemates must pass around Big Bro's 'Positive Parcel' and when the music stops, the person holding it must unwrap one layer.

Erm, thanks Big Bro... 'think they can manage to get this one right without your help!

As each layer of the glitzy paper came off, the housemate holding the parcel would find a special instruction to help them spread some love in the room. Awww.

Soon the music started and they were off, the parcel zipping around the circle to the sound of The Hollies' 'The Air That I Breath'.

Along the way, Orlaith had to give everyone a compliment, something Del joked would be difficult for the Irish lass. Various housemates had to state who was louder, cleverer, and funnier than them, and also reveal secrets about themselves.

The group also had to give one another a pat on the back and additionally a group hug, which Eugene thought they should do again to make sure it was done correctly. However Anthony wasn't keen and said, "It was pretty much text book Eugene!"

Kemal revealed that he'd once done a good deed by raising over £600 for charity and the group had a good old sing-song when Eugene was asked to sing a Christmas carol.

Craig unwrapped the final piece of paper to win a fluffy teddy bear and was over the moon with his prize. However, he would much rather have had the 'Kiss the person to your left' instruction received by Kemal.

We don't need to tell you who was sat to his left!

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