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"Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?"

Orlaith spent time sucking-up to Craig tonight, temporarily taking his attention away from Anthony (thankfully!), but inevitably the ‘Team Makosi’ reject threatened to leave the House again.

The part-time model said that her head was spinning due to all the stress in the House, but her new pal just whinged-on about how badly he was being treated by everyone, stopping short of saying, "People treat me like I’m an adult".

Erm, yes? You are a grown man Craig, not an innocent little boy. Sometimes we wonder though…

Having claimed that his energy was beginning to fade, the Norfolk stalker should perhaps direct some of that precious energy elsewhere, rather than pathetically fawning over Anthony 24-hours-a-day?

Here at BBO, we’re certainly beginning to tire of his behaviour and we’re also getting brain-ache just watching him now!

Having described herself as feeling sick and being fed-up with everything, Orlaith suggested that she might have to quit the game next week if a certain pair doesn’t go at the next eviction.

However, it wasn’t particularly clear which two out of Del, Kemal and Makosi she was talking about, as she didn’t exactly have anything nice to say about any of them.

The bleached blonde had earlier warned her camp confidante to watch his back, as there’s apparently ‘lot’s of planning going on’ within the other Team.

As Craig sat there with a face like the proverbial smacked 'aris, and Orlaith said that she couldn’t see herself bouncing back, we just wish that both of the certified moaning minnies would just go now.

After all, it’s not as though there isn’t a lively replacement waiting in the wings in the form of 'Secret Garden' reject Kinga Karokzak. You know? The mouthy one who made the crude comments about her foo-foo, to use a slightly more polite, if Granny-like, term!

Come on Big Bro fans, in a bid to liven things up let’s start chanting and stomping our feet in the vain hope that the producers will do something about it: King-a. King-a. King-a!

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