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Science Kicks Off

It all kicked-off in the House tonight, as Science decided to have a go at the whole group.

He's been relatively quiet (we say relatively!) for a few days now, but Science got into blazing row with almost everyone tonight over the amount of food he was taking for himself.

Having been challenged by Makosi for eating too much of the meagre food rations, Science agreed to put some of it back, but when Craig got involved it all kicked off.

"You're talking s**t. I do what I want," said Science in his loud hailer-like voice, before coming out with one of his meaningless and out-of-context rhymes, "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the same walk?"

Er, yes, Craig can walk and talk Science. Any other gems?

With the bolshy Leeds boy having called everyone 'idiots', things eventually calmed down, only to be rekindled later-on at around midnight.

In an unstoppable tirade of rhyming claptrap, Science tore into Craig and Ant in the lounge, but the former gave as good as he got, dubbing the would-be rapper an idiot, moron, ar***ole and kn*b.

"I don't f***ing care if you go tomorrow," bawled Craig, tearing some strips into his opponent. Craig then bizarrely blamed Makosi for Science's actions, saying, "She is f***ing everybody up in this house".

Meanwhile, Kemal distanced himself from all the commotion and Eugene was chatting to Derek, regretting the fact that he stuck-up for Science against Maxwell once.

Commenting on his actions, a riled Derek said that Science didn't have the intelligence or wisdom not to argue, and was acting like a child.

The full-scale barney continued with Science getting in Craig's face and when the Norfolk lad left the room for a moan to the others, Anthony took over as the recipient of Science's wrath.

So, he only made friends with Team Empty a short while ago, but it looks like that friendship is now well-and-truly over. It also looks like Science has alienated himself from everyone in the House.

Way to go mate. Perhaps you should start listening to Derek's worldly advice rather than your own inane claptrap?

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