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It's 'Plane' To See When Eugene Talks

Was that world famous actor and babe-magnet Tom Cruise regaling the group in the garden today? Nah, it was just Eugene waffling-on about planes. Easy mistake!

Having spotted a plane flying overhead, an everyday occurence for many of us but a major event for Big Brother contestants, Science asked Eugene if he knew what it was.

The resident geek, who owns a pilots' licence, identified the craft and was then quizzed about his ability behind the sticks.

"Can you do a loop-de-loop?" asked the rapper, perhaps forgetting that Eugene is a humble radio engineer, not a maverick airforce pilot like Cruise in the classic 80's movie 'Top Gun'.

"No," came the reply.

"Can you fly upside down," was Science's next question, perhaps having visions of Eugene performing daring stunts as one of the famous Red Arrows display team?

"No," was the rather boring answer.

So, with his enthusiastic line of questioning going nowhere, the impatient entertainer dispensed with the speculation and bluntly asked, "Well, what can you do then?"

"Take off, land, turn, ascent and descent," said Eugene, confirming that he had a grip on the basics of flying but was no fighter pilot.

However, obvious movie-fan Science was disappointed and totally unimpressed, responding with a simple, "Oh".

Of course, once the group had shown an interest in the subject, which was predictably less glamorous than you might think, there was no shutting Eugene up!

He waffled-on about what happens if a bird flies into the engine, the minimum number of engines required before a craft falls out of the sky, a brief history of planes from the 1960's onwards, etc etc etc.

When Anthony asked if it was technically difficult to fly, Eugene remarked that you need about four times more tuition than you do to drive a car.

Then, throwing-in one of his customary gags delivered in such a dry manner as-to render it unfunny, the 27-year-old added, "At least you don't need to worry about pedestrians".

Boom, boom!

Some fans thing he's great, many think he's a 'complete cult'... hero, but one thing's for sure: Eugene's certainly an intriguing character and whether you're laughing with him or at him, at least he lightens the mood in the House.

Eugene to win? Okay, we're just kidding... but stranger things have happened!

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