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Lover’s Tiff: Resolved!

Less than two hours ago, Anthony and Craig had a spat, amusingly dubbed a lover’s tiff by the other housemates. However, the former has now returned from the land of nod and made-up with his camp croney.

As the 70’s dancer came into the lounge, Derek left Craig alone with his pal to discuss what had happened earlier in the evening.

"Are you alright?" offered Ant sheepishly, but Craig gave him the cold shoulder and refused to answer.

"I couldn’t be a**ed to get into any shi*e," said the miniature beard-wearer, trying to explain why he’d lost it and then stormed-off to bed.

There was still little response from Craig, but when Anthony asked him if he’d been crying, his red-eyed pal came-out with the classic excuse, "No, I had something in my eye".

But Ant persisted in asking if he’d been blubbing and Craig eventually admitted that he had. However, when Craig then suggested that he didn’t want to talk about it (yeah, right) Ant just said ’fine’.


The pair sat in stony silence for a while, with Craig clearly sulking, until Anthony suddenly said, "I’m not sitting here in silence…" forcing his mate to discuss their earlier set-to.

A stroppy Craig wasn’t happy that Ant had told him to shut up, but had failed to say anything to the others.

The camp crimper explained that he was only sticking-up for his pal because the others were trying to make him look like an a**ehole.

In fact, they were playfully hinting that he was gay, something the whole country has been speculating over for several weeks now, partly because of Craig’s stalker-like attention.

Anthony apologised and admitted that he might have been out of order to have a go, offering Craig a cuddle and saying, "I’m sorry for hurting your feelings".

It was a First Class example of manipulation on the part of Craig, who played the victim but had really brought it on himself by defending Anthony’s sexuality when he’s quite capable of doing that himself.

Having made-up and forgiven his bud, Craig then proceeded to do what he does best: suck-up to Anthony by telling him that he won’t have anything bad said about him and that his own stay in the House would be meaningless if Ant wasn’t there.

We’re getting a sense of déjà vu here… not to mention a feeling of nausea at Craig’s exceptionally sad behaviour.

Roll-on the day when one of these two gets the boot.

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