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Let's Talk About Sex

Late evening and Craig tried his best to get good pal Anthony to talk about his sexual exploits tonight. Just your standard 'macho' male banter then? Hmm...

Earlier in the evening the camp crimper had asked why Anthony didn't like all his harmless flirting and sexual innuendo, but agreed to pack it in.

Having been told that his would-be beau would like to see him as a mate when the pair got out, Craig clarified that he categorically didn't fancy Anthony.

<Splutter> What the...?

"I definitely one million per cent do not..." began the pseudo-stalker, ending his sentence by quietly mouthing, 'fancy you'. Yeh, right, of course he doesn't, and Makosi is really a bona-fide Nun!

Back on the subject of sex tonight, Anthony revealed that he'd 'had a rub' himself whilst in the House, but Craig wanted to know more and quizzed him about his sexual exploits.

Anthony was uneasy at first, but Craig cajoled him into talking by saying, "We're a 20 and 23-year-old man talking about sex. There's nothing wrong with that; we all do it".

But the short-stuff Geordie had to be pushed to admit that he was a 'four or five times a night' man, "Definitely not just once".

Of course, as sure as eggs is eggs the conversation turned to complimenting Anthony, with Craig telling him that he was effectively perfect, save for perhaps his limited stature.

Perhaps going for something of a sympathy vote, Craig then drew attention to his man breasts, fat belly, birth mark and stretch marks, which is probably not the best way to go about pulling yourself a fella!

"I'm happy from the waist downwards," said the Norfolk boy of his own body.

Anthony did his best to assure Craig that he had nothing wrong with him, but he stopped short of admiring his besotted buddy!

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