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Human Dog School Task: FAILED!

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that the group has failed yet another weekly task. Crikey, this lot are blinkin' useless!

With the pretend-pooches having performed tricks on the first day, herded ducks on day two and completed an obstacle course today, it was only the last section which was completed successfully.

For two out-of the four dogs failed to perform their trick correctly and all four failed to herd their ducks in the allotted time. This task hasn't exactly been an easy ride for all concerned...

Along the way, Stiffler aka Anthony, moaned that Craig was taking things too far and hinted that he was getting some kind of S & M type enjoyment out of the task.

Even when Derek pointed-out that it wasn't essential for his dog to be on the lead all day, Craig insisted on treating his dog like his b*tch!

Kemal predictably had problems with his disobedient mutt (Science), who stubbornly refused to do what he was told. He'd taken on the name 'Sci-Dog' for the task, but the waffle-prone woofer should probably have been called Psycho-Dog instead!

Science made himself look even more ridiculous than he already did in his fluffy blue dog outfit, by talking back to his owner and harassing Derek.

Kemal later complained in the Diary Room that his mongrel-like peer was displaying homophobic behaviour, although Science claimed he was actually trying to prove that he wasn't homophobic.

Whatever, he should not have insisted on touching Derek and Kemal in the way that he did.

Reacting to the news of the group's fail, Derek, who was especially keen to pass this week, angrily said, "I'm not going to do any more of these bloody things".

Due to their fail, the group will now be on basic shopping budget next week of £1 per person per day.

So, there'll be no doggie drops or smokey bones on the shopping list this week then... in fact the only bones likely to figure in the House over the coming days are the ones that his peers will want to pick with Science over his increasingly volatile behaviour!

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