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Nominees Announced For 8th Eviction

It seems that every other week Big Bro decides to mess with the nomination procedure, but yesterday it was your normal 'call everyone to the Diary Room and take their two nominations' type situation. All standard, text book stuff.

With the remaining eight housemates having given their two nominations, the result is that this week's nominees are: Orlaith and Science.

Here's who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received this week in brackets. We'll be detailing the Nominations in full detail in another story soon, also accessible shortly via the contestant profiles above.

Anthony (0) - Science & Orlaith
Craig (1) - Science & Makosi
Derek (3) - Science & Orlaith
Eugene (0) - Science & Orlaith
Kemal (2) - Science & Orlaith
Makosi (1) - Kemal and Derek
Orlaith (4) - Kemal and Derek
Science (5) - Craig & Derek

To be frank, after his multiple outbursts on Sunday, Science was pretty-much a given, and while we're keen to avoid being accused of sticking-up for Craig (he also went a bit O.T.T.), the Channel 4 coverage didn't really convey the extent to which Science banged on-and-on that day.

Orlaith being up for eviction is no surprise either really, although we'd have expected Makosi to get a few more votes, especially as the group knows from the fact that she faced eviction last week, and the boos heard at the same, that her popularity outside has waned.

Why then, didn't they take the opportunity to rid the House of one the strongest players in the game?

Despite our recent Poll suggesting that the public are gunning for the African nurse, we maintain that if she closes ranks with Kemal and stops all the lies, Makosi could still win.

As-for who's likely to go this week, it could be close, but surely it will ultimately be Orlaith? Science is a right pain in the butt for sure, for Orlaith doesn't bring a great deal more to the show than wallpaper-like Vanessa did... albeit giving (male) fans a more interesting-looking pattern to look at!

We've backed both evictees this week at the bookies so we can't really lose now. If you fancy a gamble on who might go this Friday at the 8th Eviction of the series, then why not head over to the website of our betting partner BlueSquare to check-out the latest odds?

The 'Next Eviction' market should appear back in the Specials/ TV Specials section of the site soon, although it's often take off overnight. Signing-up for an account is quick-and-easy and you can get a FREE £25 bet for your troubles.

Also, to find out how we've made over £500 so far betting on Big Brother 6, visit our Betting Zone section.

So, who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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