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Craig's Close To Cracking Up

The lounge has been reclaimed by the whole group recently, but tonight it returned to its traditional use: a bitching ground for the remainder of Team Saskia!

Into the early hours of Day 53, Team Empty was chatting in the lounge and Craig couldn't resist having a pop at anyone and everyone as he moaned to fellow team member Anthony.

Talking about Orlaith, Craig said that she looked like a nervous wreck just before going to bed, but Anthony claimed she'd be better-off out of the game.

"For her sake, I hope she's up," said the Geordie boy subtly, perhaps indicating that he'd nominated her?

Craig then mentioned Makosi, and told how, when talking about Eugene, she'd apparently said 'Out of everyone in the House he's the only one who deserves to win'.

"Well, she certainly doesn't deserve to (win)," bitched the Norfolk boy, with claws fully out for his game-playing foe.

Then, having spotted Science watering the garden the former cry-baby moaned, "Why's he lurking around? He does it deliberately (to wind us up)".

Speculating about the so-called 'Final Four', the housemates still remaining in the last week of the game, Craig suggested that he would prefer it to be himself, Anthony, Orlaith and Eugene.

But back on the subject of Science, the harassed hairdresser got all wound-up, stating that the mouth-almighty Londoner makes him want to punch or headbutt him. Steady-on, Craig!

In a classic understatement, Anthony simply replied, "He's a handful", and agreed that Science's arrogance was too much to take at times and even stresses him out.

Still on the subject of the lyrical Leeds lad, Craig suggested that the group should take a leaf out of the book of one of his other foes, Derek, and just ignore Science when he goes off on one.

The catty crimper then turned his attention back to Makosi, who'd inferred that he was fat by making a jibe about his belly. Well, she might have a point, after all Craig does have, as Maxwell put it, 'a nice set of thrupenny bits!'

"The girl is a super b*tch, I'll tell you that. She's evil, EVIL," re-iterated Craig, just in case Anthony wasn't aware.

But after stating that he was going a bit loco and vowing to be more positive the following day, Craig once again took the opportunity to snipe at Science, claiming that everyone in the House doesn't just dislike him, but actually HATES him.

Calm down Craig mate... take a chill pill before your (big) head explodes!

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