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'Beginning Of The End' For Kemal And Makosi?

Their relationship has been teetering on the edge for some time now, but tonight possibly signified the official 'beginning of the end' for the 7-week long Kemal-Makosi friendship.

Having managed to pin down the game-playing 24-year-old for a chat, not much was being said as the pair sat in silence, Makosi almost determined not to enter into conversation with her former best pal.

"This is how it's going to be, if this is how you want it. We're just going to sit here like this or mope around not talking," said Kemal about the situation. However, Makosi got all defensive and refused to accept that she was moping.

Kemal then explained to Makosi that by returning his bangles it was symbolic of her wanting to end the friendship, but the nonchalant nurse just said that she didn't want anyone to trust her anyway. "I don't want to be figured out."

Following-on from his Diary Room snipe yesterday, Kemal later told Big Bro that the pair were on the verge of breaking-up as pals. However, for all her game-playing, you have to feel for Makosi in this situation. Just a bit anyway.

Kemal has become totally obsessed with the fact that she might be a mole and talks continuously about 'outing' her. But the paranoid belly dancer doesn't really know what he's going to 'out' her for, so it must be annoying to keep hearing about it.

Granted, Makosi hasn't helped things with all her mysterious behaviour, defiant actions and blatant lies, but Kemal really is going off his rocker!

So, can the former closer-than-close buddies recover from this set-back, or will they now go their separate ways? Was Makosi ever really a friend, or has she been playing Kemal for a fool to help her own game?

Keep it here to find out!

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