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Task: It's A Dog's Life

For what is possibly the silliest weekly task yet, the housemates had to dress-up as dogs this morning... hey, no jokes about departed female housemates please. You cruel people!

Having been appropriately woken to the sound of Snoop Dogg with the classic 'Who Am I (What's My Name?)', the housemates learnt that they'd be split into two groups for the 'Big Brother Human Dog School'; half becoming trainers, half becoming dogs.

Anthony returned from the Diary Room bearing the news of the task and wearing a dippy-looking velvety dog outfit. It suited him and he was immediately dubbed 'cute' by Makosi and named 'Stiffler' by soon-to-be master Craig.

Makosi emerged from the kennel (Diary Room) looking like the coolest dog ever, complete with dark shades to offset her light-coloured 'mohair' coat!

While Derek was designated as 'Tinkerbell's' (Makosi's) master, Kemal had a challenge to look forward to as the master of Science-doggy-dogg, and Orlaith's pet was fellow BB6 latecomer, Eugene.

Over the coming few days, the trainers will teach their dogs certain tricks and there are a multitude of rules to catch the group out. i.e. the dogs must not use the furniture between certain times, they must eat from the bowls provided and trainers must take their pet for a walk within 4 minutes of an alarm sounding.

If they pass the task, the group will be rewarded with a much-needed luxury food budget for next week.

In what was probably a dream-come-true scenario for Craig, he got stuck into the task straight away and duly led his furry friend around the garden on its lead.

"It is actually like walking the dog," said the Norfolk boy, who's new pet has the misfortune of having a name that will inevitably be shortened to 'stiffy!'

Personally, we've never seen dogs break-dancing, performing trick-shots on a pool table or making baloon animals, as the lazy mutts that guard BBO Towers just lay in the sun all day like, erm... Big Brother contestants.

It's a bonkers task but it should be fun and you never know, the housemates might actually enjoy it.

Well, they're already barking mad, the lot of 'em!

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