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"Wee'd Make A Lovely Couple, Anthony"

He'd temporarily transferred his pseudo-amorous attentions to Maxwell of late, but now that his cockney pal has left the House, Craig has gone straight back to flirting with Anthony.

Tonight, the smitten Norfolk boy gave the object of his desire a brief hug during a Loft room conversation in the early hours, then sat there stroking his head for a while.

Quite how Anthony has failed to notice the obvious fact that Craig is totally and utterly besotted with him, is beyond us?

But, while this attention may come across as quite sweet and harmless, it seems a bit desperate to us and Craig is heading for a fall if he keeps angling for some man-loving from Anthony in the way that he has been.

For instance, take the conversation earlier where Craig asked Eugene for his thoughts on he and Anthony's sexuality.

Eugene suggested that the 20-year-old hairdresser was probably gay, but thought that dancer Anthony was more likely to prefer girls.

Not wanting to give up that easily, Craig then proposed an alternative option for his munchkin-like mate, asking, "Do you think he's bisexual?" However, the answer was not what wanted he wanted to hear: "No," came Eugene's reply.

Damn. Looks like you're out of luck there Craigey-boy!

A little later, Anthony needed to visit the loo but was too lazy to get up, so just peed out of the Loft room window... like you do.

Still, at least Craig was around to 'lend a hand', but Anthony just laughed and told him to get away as he went about his uncouth business.

We don't know if Craig managed to get a good look at his tackle or not, but if so, perhaps he'll let us know whether Ant really is well-endowed as Makosi claimed, or if he's quite literally a 'wee man!'

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