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Missing Maxwell, Feeling Empty

Craig and Anthony haven't taken Maxwell's eviction at all well, and tonight they renamed their team to reflect the recent changes.

At the beginning of the series it looked like Kemal had a Harem going with Craig as one of the members. However, the Norfolk boy left to form his own group 'Team Britney' at the end of Week 1, after performing 'Hit Me Baby...' with Vanessa and Lesley.

But that group split when Craig snubbed everyone else to join Saskia, Maxwell and Anthony in forming 'Team Saskia'. That was in Week 4, just 7 days after the kafuffle surrounding Derek, Roberto and Craig being caught discussing nominations.

However, within about 10 days Team Saskia was no more, as the group's namesake and boss got kicked-out at the 5th Eviction.

Meanwhile, 'Team Makosi' (aka Team Diva) had been formed after the Cidergate scandal and there was a definite 'them and us' scenario within the house from then on.

After Saskia's departure we dubbed her team 'The Three Amigos', the name we'd given them prior to Craig joining. However, when Maxwell left at the 6th Eviction last night, that name became somewhat irrelevant.

Tonight, surviving members Anthony and Craig talked about how the cockney geezer's eviction had affected them badly, with Ant effectively admitting that he was devastated, and Craig likening the situation to a family unit being split up.

Searching for a new name for their team-of-two, a subdued Anthony suggested a moniker to reflect the fact that they were losing members like water through a sieve. It also summed-up how the pair were feeling.

Welcome: 'Team Empty'. Aww, bless 'em!

What-with Craig having confidently claimed tonight that he'd positioned himself as one of the main people in the House, he and Anthony should really be concentrating on thinking of new names in case one of them goes at the next eviction.

That said, 'Team All-On-My-Todd', 'Team Lonely' or 'Team I-Bet-I'm-Evicted-Next' aren't that catchy, are they?!

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