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Mysterious 'Mole In House' Message Appears

There's been plenty of speculation so far about whether there's a mole in the House or not, but this morning the housemates got confirmation in the form of a message saying, 'There is a mole in the house'.

Blimey-o-riley, things couldn't get more exciting! But what's going on?

Scrawled on one of the mirrors near the shower area in bright red lipstick, the mysterious message was sure to cause a fuss... well, it would have done if anyone had noticed it. Doh!

Whether pretending not to see it or genuinely missing the foul-play pointer, sleepy housemates Eugene, Makosi, Orlaith and Anthony failed to spot it as they showered nearby.

When Craig clocked the message, the sharp-as-as-tack crimper misread it as, "That's Big Brother (that wrote that)... there  is  a  male  in  the  house?"

If we could spell that 'Derrr.. thicky' sound you make when you bulge your lower lip out by putting your tongue there, we would.

Eugghhuuuughh. Or something like that!

It goes without saying that resident BB6 super-sleuth (read: paranoid nutter) Kemal headed straight to the Dairy Room to bend Big Bro's ear.

About the message, the 19-year-old said, "That is not a lie because I know who it is, you know who it is, and the public know who it is". Furthermore, the stiletto-wearing lad suggested that there'll be fireworks between him and Makosi if he stays tonight.

Of course, we know that he's definitely staying because he's not really up for eviction. The issue is, whether Makosi can hang in there tonight to face the promised grilling from Kemal over the next few days.

Brilliant stuff.

Anyone who's not enjoying this series wants their head testing... oh well, at least you've something in common with Kemal and Makosi!

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