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Who Goes Tonight? YOU (Help) Decide!

Tonight, the seventh person will leave the Big Brother House, having lasted for 7 weeks in the case of Derek, Makosi, Science and Vanessa, and around 3 weeks in the case of Eugene and Orlaith.

The game has become somewhat confusing this week as Big Bro implemented its 'Lying' challenge, whereby the contestants who think they're up for eviction aren't, and the other six housemates are totally oblivious to the fact that they are.

Judging by our Home page Poll, which asked 'What Do You Think Of Big Bro's 7th Nomination Twist?', the fans approve, with 72% agreeing that BB's twist has made the show less predictable. This Poll will be archived soon; see the link at the bottom of the Polls.

But who's likely to go tonight?

Well, it depends. It depends on the editing of the 9pm show to an extent, whether a lot of late votes come in, if the full seven housemates get to choose or if it's just the three who nominated etc.

Don't forget, although the public are voting for the person they'd like to get rid of, the housemates themselves will decide who goes this time, as happened during Big Brother 3 when Lynne was evicted in favour of keeping Jade. So, it's all down to their decision really.

Looking at who's in the frame, the two most likely candidates to receive the most votes from the public are Makosi and Vanessa, judging by our 'Who Do You Want Evicted On Friday?' Poll (they're neck and neck on about 32% each). But which one of that pair would the other housemates choose to boot out?

It's difficult to say, because they won't have much time to make a decision and if Anthony and Craig choose Vanessa, then the others might just follow suit and name her also?

That said, Derek and Eugene probably have the savvy to vote tactically, and that means getting rid of Makosi. However, even if they choose the pretend-pregnant nurse, that would make 2-votes-all, still with Kemal, Orlaith and Science to consider.

We reckon Orlaith would choose Makosi, and Science, fed up with Vanessa scoffing all the food, will probably choose the person that many fans think is boring: Vanessa. So, that's 3-votes-all, with Kemal having the deciding vote.

In light of recent conversations, he'd surely choose Makosi? Then again, when push comes to shove, even though he nominated her this week, the Turkish-born lad might suddenly feel guilty and choose Vanessa instead.

Still, you can see from the above that it could go either way tonight, and that, dear readers, makes it one of the most exciting evictions ever. Well done Big Brother.

The concept of losing Makosi and keeping Vanessa is a bit hard to swallow, but Makosi said herself that she'd accept it when her time's up. Due to all her O.T.T. game playing lately, that time could be now.

So, who stays and who goes? Erm don't ask us!

The voting telephone and text numbers can be found within another story from Week 7 of our Latest News section.

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