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You Wanna' Bet?

This week, due to Big Bro's multiple twists, things are likely to be pretty unpredictable and even our oft-accurate Polls won't necessarily be able to help you work out who'll go this Friday.

However, if you fancy trying to beat the bookies and make a few 'quid at the same time, then why not head-over to the website of our betting partner BlueSquare, to check-out the latest odds for the 7th Eviction?

At the time of writing (Wednesday pm), the odds were thus:

Derek - 9/1
Eugene - 10/1
Makosi - 3/1
Orlaith - 9/4
Science - 11/2
Vanessa - 15/8

So, they think Makosi is quite likely to go this week and that Eugene is the safest housemate. But how unlikely does that scenario sound?!

Maybe they're right, but to us, Vanessa and Science might be worth a flutter at those odds, even though the former is actually the favourite to go.

A £25 bet on Vanessa would get you almost £47 profit if she was kicked-out on Friday night; the same stake on Science would make you almost £138 richer if he got the boot.

If you upped your stake to £50, you would obviously double the above winnings, or you may wish to put that £50 on Orlaith to go instead, which would gain you a profit of almost £113 plus your stake back.

Perhaps you'll back Makosi to go? At the above odds, a stake of £30 would see a return of £120 if she gets evicted this week.

Alternatively (or additionally if you're keen!), you could go for a bet on the 'Outright Winner' of the series, where you can still get some decent odds.

Here are the current odds for that market:

Anthony - 11/4
Craig - 10/1
Derek - 4/1
Eugene - 7/1
Kemal - 7/1
Makosi - 10/3
Orlaith - 25/1
Science - 5/1
Vanessa - 40/1

So, contradicting the above '7th Eviction' odds somewhat, even though Anthony is currently the favourite to win, the bookies still think Makosi is in with a good chance of winning, and to be honest, so do we.

You could do a lot worse than putting £25 on Makosi to Win, which would return you almost £110 if she managed to last the distance. A £100 stake would get you a profit of £333.

Derek's odds still aren't that bad either, and £30 on him would see a profit of £120 should he win the series (plus your stake back). The same £30 staked on Kemal would return £240 should he go all the way. Also, Anthony is possibly worth a bet now, as he looks likely to be hanging in there for a while yet?

Anyway, it's just a bit of fun and you fancy a punt you'll find it quick and easy to place your bet online with BlueSquare. You'll also get a Free £25 Bet for your trouble! See their site for details.

If you are intending to place a bet, you need to make your way to either the 'Next Eviction' or 'Outright Winner' markets in the Specials/ TV Specials section of the BlueSquare site.

Just remember that the odds change all the time - usually, the closer it gets to an eviction, the more of an inkling the bookies have about what's likely to happen. That said, they were completely wrong last week when they thought Science would go at the 6th Eviction, not Maxwell.

To find-out how we've made almost £500 so far by betting on Big Brother, visit our dedicated Betting Zone section.

Good Luck!

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