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Stars In Their Eyes

The housemates have been talking about potential post-Big Brother TV careers today, and some of their ideas were a bit off the wall.

Vanessa said that she'd like to run a shopping channel called 'Kinky Pinky', not selling adult toys as you might imagine, but dealing in pink stuff. Oh, and cookies... she just had to get food in there somewhere, didn't she?

A busy TV executive's gotta' eat, we know that, but if she ever gets her plan off the ground we can definitely see an Oprah-style weight problem on the horizon going by the way Vanessa fills her face.

Cookies on tap? Lethal!

Talking of Oprah, Craig speculated that he might become the new Trisha, but best pal Anthony said that his head was too big for TV. The bitchy Norfolk boy retorted by suggesting that the midget-like dancer's own show would be called 'It's A Small World'.


It was decided that Eugene could host a gadget show called 'Ten Irresponsible Things To Do With A Microwave', based on his bizarre anecdotes about blowing things up with one of the electromagnetic devices.

Orlaith imagined that her TV channel would be called 'Pink Ladies', but mysteriously the model had no idea what it would be about. A bit like Takeshi's Castle then, if you've ever seen that?

However Science, ever one to get a word in when it's not really required, suggested that the Belfast Babe's channel would probably be for, ahem, adult entertainment.

And if she ever needed someone to oversee the Channel's output, you know, to tune in each night in the interests of quality control, we're sure that Maxwell would be only too willing to help!

Chicken-cleaner Science wasn't quite so amused when the group decided that his channel would be called 'Chicken Tonight!' "You lot are stupid. I can cook more than chicken you idiots," said the grumpy rapper, not seeing the funny side.

And as for habitual game-player Makosi, there seemed to be a show ready-made for her on MTV: 'Punked!'

Oh well, this lot are obviously stars in their own eyes, but seeing as only a couple of former Big Brother contestants have gained long-term TV careers, they don't want to count their chickens just yet!

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