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7th Nominees Announced - BB Adds A Twist

The nominations took place yesterday morning (sort of), but Big Bro's latest ploy has caused a current of confusion amongst fans as-to what's going on this week. Let us try and explain...

The housemates were warned that Big Brother would lie to them twice, and the first lie was that the nominations were optional. They don't actually know that, although we fans obviously do.

So, the group got-up early and visited the Diary Room on Monday morning, but not everyone nominated. In fact, only Anthony, Craig and Kemal gave their nominations, all the others took the option not to. Orlaith didn't even bother turning-up.

However, not nominating wasn't really an option, as nominations are always compulsory during Big Brother. So, those who failed to nominate have been penalised by the omnipresent one - they are now all up for eviction.

Are you following so far? Good.

Right, so abstainers Derek, Eugene, Makosi, Orliath, Science and Vanessa are facing possible eviction on Friday night and the public must now start voting for the one they'd like to get rid of. However, there's a twist: Big Bro hasn't told them they're up!

What the evil entity has done, is made everyone believe that nominators Anthony, Craig and Kemal are facing eviction, although that was a total fib - the second lie. To clarify, the 'six' and the 'three' have no idea that their status as nominees is really reversed.

What this means is that those who think they're safe aren't really, and those who are think they're up will be worrying needlessly for the next few days. However, the twists don't stop there.

The public do not ultimately have the final say who goes this week, but the housemates themselves will decide. Now you're getting confused again? Let us explain...

The public will vote for their least favourite housemate over the next few days. On Friday night the votes will be totted-up and verified, and the two contestants (from a possible six) who received the most votes, will face possible eviction.

During the live 9pm show, Davina will reveal the identity of the two housemates facing imminent eviction, the news of which will obviously come as a shock to everyone in the House - they think Team Empty and Kemal are up.

The housemates themselves will then decide who goes, but it is not clear at this point whether everyone will decide, or just the three who actually nominated.

Anyway, here's who the three voted-for:
Anthony - Derek & Kemal
Craig - Derek & Eugene
Derek - Abstained
Eugene - Abstained
Kemal - Science & Makosi
Makosi - Abstained
Orlaith - No show
Science - Abstained
Vanessa - Abstained

So, who stays, who goes? YOU decide. Well, you don't ultimately decide this time around, but you get the idea!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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