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Orlaith Marks The Spot

Big Brother told the group that it had buried some treasure in the garden today, but was it just another lie?

The all-seeing entity failed to provide the traditional map with 'X' marking the spot, but instead got the treasure hunters to stand in a circle clasping hands.

An excited Eugene thought he'd identified the correct spot before the search had even begun, saying, "When I was watering here, I was wondering why the grass was brown for no apparent reason".

Big Bro then asked the circle-of-nine to move around the garden, letting them know how close they were to the hidden bounty as they did-so.

"Some Housemates are cold and some housemates are very hot," said the omnipresent one, giving its first hint.

It continued like that for a while, with the housemates shuffling back-and-forth and Big Bro dishing-out clues, until finally Orlaith was declared 'hot'.

No, the multi-camered entity hadn't suddenly turned into 'one of the lads' and started admiring the Belfast beauty's curves, it was merely indicating that she was stood close to where the mystery treasure was buried!

Science was declared hotter still, and so the lads set to work with spades, soon finding a small Treasure Chest under the lawn - Big Brother wasn't lying this time after all.

Inside was a skull and key, and although the housemates had no idea what this meant, they were overjoyed at their find. So, Anthony and Science quickly raced to the Diary Room, where they learnt that the key opened-up the Store room.

And the group's reward for finding the bejeweled casket? A bounty of ice-cold booze, just what was needed after all that digging in the blazing sun.

As it was, they'd pretty much wrecked the lawn, but Maxwell would have taken-up every single blade of grass for that reward!

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