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Is Craig Holding Anthony Back?

Chatting in the lounge with sole team mate Anthony this afternoon, Craig was bitching about the other Team and generally lowering the mood. Quelle surprise?!

Sat there with a face like a smacked a**e, the catty crimper whinged about how everyone else was reluctant to nominate today because they were afraid of being shown on the plasma.

"None of us like each other anyway," said the moody housemate, before stating that 'no-one was really anyone else's friend', the sort of comment you'd expect from an 8-year-old schoolboy. Presumably he didn't include himself and Anthony in that?

The thing is, we thought that Craig, now devoid of the controlling behaviour and borderline bullying from the Maxwell-Anthony partnership, had definitely perked-up lately.

Since his cockney pal was evicted on Friday night, Craig appears be joining-in more and having fun, which can only be a good thing. However, in light of his mood swings, that behaviour, it seems, is slightly hypocritical - is he just doing what he has-to to stay in the game?

What really concerns us though, is that in the same way that Saskia and Maxwell affected their team(s), Craig now appears to be affecting Anthony in many ways: his game, his mindset, his personality.

But, it isn't just that he's holding Ant back, he's actually bringing him down. To that end, we reckon that Anthony could have a ball if he managed to shake-off Craig.

In fact, ever since Team Saskia formed, Anthony was the only one who looked as though he might be able to re-integrate with the other team, mainly because he didn't go too far in the bitchy comments and malicious actions.

Okay, so that makes him a bit of a fence-sitter, but we'd really like to see him blossom now. With Max gone, Team Empty's conversations truly live up to their team name: the pair can sit there for ages without a word being said.

And even when they do chat, it's either pretty inane stuff, or bitching about the other team from Craig, or major sucking-up... from Craig (obviously!)

Frankly, whilst we've almost (note: we said almost, all you Craig fans!) given-up on Craig, we want better for Anthony and so hope the Norfolk boy leaves the House before he does.

And that's not so-much a statement against Craig, but a speculation on what Anthony could bring to the show with his stalker-like buddy out of the frame.

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