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Hot Or Not?

A couple of weeks ago, if we set out to write a story about the events of Big Brother 6 it was hard to avoid talking about all the bitching. Now, it's hard to avoid talking about Craig's unrequited love for Anthony.

In yet another chat aimed at finding-out the Geordie midget's true sexuality tonight, an ever-hopeful Craig revealed that he thought Anthony was gay when he first clapped eyes on him. However, he quickly added, "Now I know you're definitely as straight as they come, I take it back".

Right, so Anthony has evidently made it clear: he's straight. So why then, does Craig persist in getting him to regularly discuss and/ or rate blokes?

Chatting in the pool at gone 3am, Craig suggested that the pair could rate all the housemates on looks, but thought that he should do the girls and Anthony the lads.

"Why do I have to do the boys?" asked the bemused ex-postman, but Craig just brushed over his objection and revealed the order of his list.

The sexually-confused youngster rated the girls in the following order: Saskia, Orlaith, Lesley, Vanessa, Makosi, Sam. The boys were rated thus: Anthony (sigh), Maxwell, Roberto, Science, Derek, Kemal, Eugene.

For his turn, Anthony stated that although Saskia had a better looking face, he was really a figure man and so Orlaith came top in his list of the girls, which went: Orlaith, Saskia, Makosi, Sam, Vanessa, Lesley.

For the boys, Ant's list had Roberto ahead, followed by Craig, Maxwell, Derek, Science and Eugene, with Kemal tagged on the end.

When considering the best physiques, Craig was gutted when Anthony rated him so low, with the order being: Derek, Roberto, Science, Maxwell, Craig, Eugene and Kemal.

Just 3rd from the bottom for the slightly tubby Norfolk lad. Oh dear!

Craig wasn't happy that he ranked below Roberto for looks and outrageously suggested that he was better-looking than the undeniably handsome Italian Stallion.

"If I was done up, and me and Roberto walked into a bar, you'd think I was the better looking," stated the jealous hairdresser matter-of-factly, but Anthony was having none of it.

"I think you think you're better looking than you are!" said his team mate frankly, which inadvertently provoked a shocked response. "I feel really ugly now," moaned the 20-year-old baldy.

So, his fishing for compliments backfired somewhat, but it didn't stop the smitten lad from rating Anthony a 9 or 10-out-of 10, and then returning to his favourite subject (notwithstanding talking about himself): Anthony's sexuality.

Having told his pal that he initially thought he was bisexual and then thought he was gay, a bemused Anthony queried the suggestion.

"Seriously? What, (I) like women and blokes?" said the Geordie boy clarifying the point, before refuting the very notion with a simple, "Nah".

But was Craig actually listening this time, or will he continue to push his only real pal in the vain hope that he'll suddenly come out of the closet? Stick with BBO to find out.

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